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With the popularity of the Walking Dead, zombies are really in vogue. There is even a beer that is brewed with goat brains. You heard me right; last year Dock Street Brewing in Philadelphia released an American Pale Stout brewed with smoked goat brains named “Walker” (remind me to ask the founder of SommBeer to add brains to beer rule #1). The characters in the Walking Dead call the zombies “walkers”, “biters”, “roamers”…in fact no one on the show calls them “zombies” at all. But I am an old school George Romero fan so on the day of the season five finale of The Walking Dead, I decided to drink a Zombie Dust from Three Floyd’s in Munster Indiana.

Unlike the zombies on the Walking Dead, people chase this zombie. I personally have been stalking this beer for a few years. Whenever I went to Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana I would stop at any bottle shop in my path to look for Zombie Dust. In fact, for the last two years, every time I drove to Chicago I stopped by Three Floyds and was always greeted by a sign on the door written in black magic marker “NO ZOMBIE DUST. DON’T EVEN ASK!” I don’t want to suggest that those stops were not productive as I always picked up something tasty from Three Floyds – Alpha King, Space Station Middle Finger, Apocalypse Cow, Blot out the Sun Stout, Gumballhead, Broo Doo, and a few others but I never showed up when they had any Zombie Dust left. The crazy thing is that Three Floyds releases Zombie Dust year round and it completely sells out on the day it is released. People line up waiting for this beer at the brewery and almost everywhere else in the distribution footprint (which sadly does not include Michigan). Usually this type of silliness is reserved for seasonals and specialty beers but for something brewed every month…it must be great, right?

Once again, I was able to count on the kindness of a salesperson. Unlike my Pliny mule Loman, this salesperson was also a big beer drinker so I offered up a trade: a six-pack of Zombie Dust for a mixed six of Michigan craft beer. Two days later he texted me a picture of the six of Zombie Dust on his counter with the words “target acquired” (he really did type these words this time) so I knew it would not be long before I got a chance to taste this critically acclaimed beer.

So before I tell you what I thought of the beer I am going to tell you what I put together in a mixed six to exchange for Zombie Dust: one of each of the following – Bell’s Hopslam, Short’s Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Greenbush Delusion, Founder’s Imperial Stout, Bell’s Oracle, and a 2014 Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout and IT WAS WORTH IT! This beer is so good that half way through it and I would have bet the rest of the beer that it was at least a DIPA/Imperial IPA. In fact there is some debate that at 6.4% ABV and 60 IBU’s that this beer is closer to an Imperial IPA than an IPA but who really cares, this beer is delicious.

This beer is incredibly balanced in spite of its hoppiness. And oh man let’s talk about the hops…Citra only in this beer so you get a ton of tropical fruit flavors that linger long after the bitterness subsides. I am not afraid to say that this is the best IPA I have ever had, hands down. I immediately wanted to drink another one, but decided to save it for the zombie apocalypse so that I would have a great final beer to enjoy as the biters slowly closed in…

Zombie Dust factoids:
ABV 6.2 %
Calories 192
IBU 60

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