Yazoo Dos Perros – Beer Review

Featured Contributor: Rick Fenwick   Rick@fenwickkoller.com

Last year our company started doing work in the Nashville area, which provided an opportunity to do some craft beer exploring. A craft beer brand there is Yazoo . We would often find Yazoo available on draft at area restaurants. All of Yazzo’s beers were good. One of their beers I like in particular is a brown ale called Dos Perros .

This is a light-bodied brown ale with big flavor. It offers a hint of sweetness and of hops. I prefer it on draft because the draft seems to have a little more carbonation than the bottle, but it is good either way. It pours a nice brown color into the glass.

Yazoo flavored this using a German Munich malt, which distinguishes it from Mexican style beers. A lot of the restaurants also offered Yazoo pale ale on draft. My son preferred the pale ale and I opted for the brown ale. Yazoo sounds like a fun name when ordering. This beer can be found in stores in the Nashville area and I was able to find a 12-pack of bottles to bring home. I like this beer enough to purchase some each time I’m in the Nashville area.

Yazoo Dos Perros Brown ale factoids:
ABV 4.9%
Calories 165

Rick Fenwick, Ph.D.

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Rick Fenwick

Rick is a consultant in training and development at Fenwick Koller Associates and a college professor in Industrial and organizational psychology. He likes following the local professional sports teams.

Rick Fenwick, Ph.D.