Writer Guidelines

Writer Guidelines
Thank you for considering Sommbeer as your writing destination.  We always welcome new writers to add to our team. Our organization prides itself on celebrating and supporting the craft community in a positive and productive manner.

Sommbeer is a loose-knit community comprised of over 110 volunteer contributors.

It all comes down to the basics; have fun, operate with a “moral compass” and “don’t take serious beer too seriously”.

1. Material must be original, not posted elsewhere
2. Articles need an introduction – middle – ending (min 3 paragraphs)
Note: Beer reviews can be as simple as one paragraph and a couple of pics!
3. Include pictures that you own

What to Write
Write a story only you can tell. Write about something only you know about. Readers want to know what you know and what you have discovered.

Getting Started
1. Send us a note info@sommbeer.com
2. Tell us a little about yourself 
3. Send your first draft directly to us along with your pics/
What happens next;
First Post –>   (e-mail us your material)  info@sommbeer.com 
Future Posts
We will create an account for you on the Sommbeer site (a username and password will be sent to on a separate e-mail). This will allow you to write and edit directly onto Sommbeer.com.  

Thanks again for considering Sommbeer. We look forward to partnering with you.


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