Wolverine St. Premium Lager : Beer Review

We live in a great time for beer, especially craft beer. In this day and age it seems like every week we are introduced to a new hazy ipa, some sort of tropical fruit infused beer, or super limited top shelf barrel aged release.  While all of those have their merits sometimes you want to kick back, put a football game on and throw back a few brews the way your old man might have. Luckily Wolverine State Brewing Company in Ann Arbor Michigan and their Premium Lager is an ideal option for those days when you just simply want a beer.

Wolverine Premium Lager is a beautifully simple beer that is crisp, refreshing, and easy to drink while still being complex enough to intrigue even the most devout craft beer lover.  The beer pours a beautiful golden color with a lightly off white head just as you would expect  in a lager.  Wolverine has crafted a lager that has a nice malty back and has an incredibly smooth finish and should be a welcome addition to any tailgate in fall or backyard party throughout the year.  Premium Lager is also remarkably approachable, for those of us with family members or friends that are put off by overly hoppy IPA’s or big bodied stouts I would strongly recommend sharing a 6 pack of this brew.  It’s a brew that is consistently fresh, flavorful, and can be paired with just about anything you can think of (it pairs especially well with the smoked pork nacho’s available in the taproom).

One of best things I can t say about this beer, and really Wolverine State as a whole, is how great they are at opening up the world of craft to casual beer drinkers.  Premium Lager served as that gateway for a good friend of mine.  We headed into the taproom after work and he was a little apprehensive about all the different options suddenly available to him. It almost made him long for a “Freedom Juice”, which is his name for PBR.  Premium Lager was the first beer he ordered and his response was as simple as could be, he looked at me and stated “John, This tastes like beer!”  It’s a really simple statement but it speaks volumes.  I enjoy premium lager quite a bit, but even more so I love seeing the reaction from people who give this beer a try and then have a craft beer awakening.   If you keep  beer around the house this is a great addition to keep in the fridge regularly, and if you happen to find yourself in Ann Arbor make sure to check out the taproom. You can read more about the taproom in David’s review from when he visited in 2016, but Wolverine State is undoubtedly a brewery that needs to be experienced for yourself.




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