Where’s the Remote Control for my Beer?

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:

I have a buddy, you might know him as Random Ron.  He can turn his AC or heater on before he returns from work.  When he gets home, his house is perfectly suited to his particular needs.  From his phone he can observe and control his HVAC.  It seems ridiculous until I apply this concept through a “Sommbeer prism”. What if I could call ahead on my phone and have beer waiting for me?

No matter what job I have it seems I’m always wrapped up in things until the last minute.  Then when I get home I want friends and/or family on the back deck and some bbq.  I do not want to even stop at a store on the way home – I want to be home.  If I really plan ahead, sometimes I can run out at lunch and grab beers for that evening.  That’s a lot of planning , time and then I miss my lunch.  

Then I met the guys from BeerRightNow.

At Sommbeer, we’ve interviewed other folks and companies that have created alcohol delivery models.  Listen, when it comes to alcohol delivery businesses, “I’m no spring chicken” and “I didn’t fall off the turnip truck”.  I’ve heard a lot before so when I talked to these guys I was ready and I grilled them.

Below is their response to some of my questioning.  If you have used this service or some other delivery service I would love to hear from you.  Was it convenient?  Would you do it again?  Send me a note, I’d love to hear from you sommbeer@gmail.com


From Jonathan the founder of BeerRightNow
BeerRightNow created the industry. We created the legal precedent and model
which paved the way for consumers to have the ability to order their liquor,
beer, wine (as well as snacks). From LA to NYC with Austin, Philly, DC and
North Jersey in between and have it delivered within the hour to their home,
work or anywhere they need it. We are staffed by industry professionals
which have many years of experience in bringing consumers a better palette
of options. From Macro brands to regional micros in beer, wine and liquor.

Our model is wholly synergistic. We not only focus on consumers (with a wide
selection, fast delivery and pricing that is the same as in-store or lower)
but we also focus on supporting local businesses which serve the communities
we are in. Not only is this a green initiative as there is no carbon
footprint from shipping orders cross country (and getting product faster to
consumers) consumers are supporting their local economy as their orders are
fulfilled from local inventory in their neighborhood.


If there is a service issue you simply call the number on your order, our
direct contact number on BeerRightNow or email thru our support page. We are
fanatical about customer service!

BeerRightNow on IG:
and on FB:

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