What is beer?

There’s an old story about a man who walked through the center of a village with a dual-colored hat on.  The left side of his hat was red, the right blue.  It’s not long after the man had walked through the village that the townsfolk find themselves in a dispute.  What color was the hat? One of them asks.  “It was red” argue those on the left “It’s blue” argue those on the right. Both are right both are wrong – we simply see things from our own unique perspectives.
It occurred to me recently that we all see beer differently too. 
How does a Food Scientist see beer?
In its purest form, beer is comprised of water, malted barley, yeast and hops.  Additions can be added (such as spices, herbs, unmalted barley and flavorings) to help differentiate the product.  Process definition and variation presented by the brewer (intentional or not) further help differentiate the product.
How does the Government see beer? 
1. The IRS
Show me the Money!Sommbeer IRS 1
Beer like all beverages containing alcohol is an enormous tax opportunity.  A bar’s liquor license  even for a small town, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some states have a 3 tier distribution system that can impose an indirect tax on consumers by inflating the cost (as opposed to buying direct from the brewer). Brewer income like all businesses is taxed.  Finally, all states in the U.S, impose some form of a “sin tax”, that while embedded in the price of the beer is on top of the sales tax most consumers have to pay at point of purchase.
2. The Centers for Disease Controlcdc
Alcohol is poison.  Too much of this poison will have disastrous effects (some fatal) on body organs.  All things in moderation, except for pregnant women, people younger than 21 or those with health problems who cannot have any at all.
How does Christianity see beer?
Jesus made wine from water.  I can’t imagine how incredible that wine wasBeer.
The bible has numerous references to wine and alcohol but also warns against too much (gluttony).  For many Christians, beer is acceptable to drink as long as it does not interfere with our relationships with God and family.  Please note, my local brewery is located across the street from my church. 
How do I see beer?
I thoroughly enjoy my beer hobby.  What I really love is how it “lubricates” so many social events.  Check out any brewery and you will find people from all walks of life, talking and interacting.  The right amount of beer and social barriers seem to vanish. 
I’ve even found beer to be a powerful business tool.  I have met and befriended so many folks because of my association with Sommbeer and craft beer.  I’m a business man and I find that an evening of beer with customers can help cement any deal.  Yes I make “deals” just like Trump I just don’t have the hair. 
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