Summer’s not the only thing Wet and Hot this year… – Beer Review

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Thanks to Finch’s we can start off the warm weather with a good old fashion wheat ale!

Finch’s Beer Company is located on 4565 N Elston Ave in Chicago Illinois. Head brewer Ben Finch was born in Norfolk Virginia and eventually moved to Chicago to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. Whilst in the midst of managing a website development company, “The Killswitch Collective”, Ben discovered his true love for craft beer.
Ben had originally been accepted to school on a sculptor scholarship, and really found a love for the “design” of beer and the brewing process; He associated this back to his love for art, and from that seed Finch’s Beer Company emerged.
Wet Hot American Wheat gets its name from the brewing process Ben used. For this brew Ben incorporated “particularly “wet” mash” and “hot” initial fermentation temperature.” The beer is brewed and dry hopped with both Centennial and Columbus hops as well as White Wheat and Torrified Wheat. This gives the beer a sweet body that is well balanced with hops.
This ale is sold in 16 oz. cans and is available for the Summer season. It is categorized as an American Pale Wheat Ale with an ABV of 5.0% and IBU:22
Wet Hot American Wheat has a pale yellow shade, mildly hazy with a bright white head. When you stick your nose into a glass of this you get a whiff of wheat and lemon notes immediately. This isn’t a super strong punch, but mild and inviting.
Really everything about this beer is appealing for a nice, warm sweaty summer day.
Sipping this beer is very enjoyable, fully carbonated bubbly body complimented with a wheat-y citrusy crispness. The lite body of this beer and full carbonation I feel really make this brew stand out as a summer sipper.
There really is not much better than sipping a cold, fresh, crisp, carbonated brew on a wet summer day. Add some citrus and wheat… yea this beer is good to go!
In the past I haven’t been completely impressed with Finch’s but this beer definitely did the trick.
Almost drank the full four-pack in one night to be honest.
I paired this with some homemade sweet and salty potato chips, because what goes better with carbs then … a duh…. MORE CARBS!


But… wheat beers do pair excellent with salmon, citrus fruit, bananas, and citrus beers go really well with fish as well, pasta, and other fruits.
There are definitely a lot of options when it comes to pairing with this beer. You can’t really go wrong with a dish considering the drinkability of this brew.
Like I said this is just the perfect summer brew, easily drinkable and beautiful tasty notes. The can art is also pretty fantastic, just throwing that out there.
Thanks Finch’s this was a great, fun, creative, tasty way to kick off the summer!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I appreciate the on going support.
Stay safe and have fun!
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