Westbrook Gose – Sour, Salty and (EXTREMELY) Delicious Review

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Westbrook Brewing Co. is located in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina.  Their mission is, “To make the most interesting, drinkable, and generally awesome beer possible.”

They are all about using new brewing techniques and incorporating new flavors and ingredients.  That’s one solid mission statement in my opinion.

Westbrook Gose is a 4% ABV 5 IBU traditional style German sour wheat beer; with estimated calories 120; the main ingredients in the beer being coriander and salt. German style wheat beers are brewed with souring agents such as lactobacillus or wild yeast and pale malted barley or wheat.  They are typically low in ABV and have fruity citrusy sour notes.

They haven’t been all too popular in recent years, but we have been seeing more starting to be brewed within the last decade. Brewers seem to be experimenting with this old traditional style and adding modern flavors and techniques; which is always fun and exciting to see.

One of the main ingredients that I noted before; coriander is also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, native to southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. This plant looks exactly like the parsley many of us are familiar with; broad base with thin flowery stems. Some notes associated with this plant are citrus, soapy taste or smell, nutty, and spicy.


According to Westbrook’s website, they pronounce this brew Gose-uh and it was first released in April of 2012. Gose is available year round on draft and in 232 oz bottles.  Westbrook Gose is a pale lite golden yellow color. This brews body is extremely hazy, you are absolutely not going to see through this beer, even if you try.


There really isn’t much of a head, you can hold your glass completely vertical and tip your can with the same exaggeration, and you still will only get 1/8” of head. The head that you are able to see is bright while and dissipates immediately. I wasn’t even able to take a picture of the head it dissolved so quickly. I get a strong aroma of low tide, a very musky saltiness that is exaggerated by a lingering citrus scent. Really opens up your nostrils!

Very, very strong lemony citrus, funky low tide possibly a mix of yeast and sea salt aroma.  BAM! Blast of carbonation hits you in the face at the beginning of your first sip. Tangy, tasty, ludicrous salty lemon explosion. Carbonation fizzes on your lips with each sip, Lemon lines your tongue, Salt sits on the top of your mouth, and all three separate entities come together to create this perfectly pungent, savory salty, crisp, sour lemon bomb. Absolutely delicious!!!

This beer is good at room temperature, especially when tasting for the first time…
But really, drink this beer cold, it’s like a frozen dessert, or salty lemon citrus Italian Ice on a hot day.

Crisp and balanced to bring the lemon and salt forward.
I just want to mention… my boyfriend froze one of these accidentally once… and it was delicious. What a beautiful mistake that was.

Overall this is a fantastic beer. I love the blast of flavor and the fact that this is still a drinkable beer. I can picture drinking this year round during any season; although this beer makes the perfect go to for a hot summer day at the beach. You won’t even be able to tell if you get a little bit of salt water in the can accidentally. Win, win.

​I paired this was Lemon, Blueberry Westbrook Gosemuffins that I made and topped with a sugar lemon Westbrook Gose frosting. I will be posting the recipe shortly so stick around!

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