Wedding Beer

From David- Founder of Sommbeer:
To this day I’m not certain who got married.  What’s important is that Tony called me to come over to his house.  When I arrived he was like a kid on Christmas morning.  He had come back from a wedding hosted by his mother inlaw and there was extra beer.  Extra beer in the form of a keg! She gave a full keg of beer to Tony!
Normally my enthusiasm for keg beer is tempered by the fact that its always some crappy cheap stuff ie. Miller, Bud.  Keg beer for me “Back in the day” was ususally a brand “Red White & Blue” and it was awful awful.  With all due respect to my country, I think I’m still hungover from that stuff.  It was bad even as a college kid and bad beer was the norm.
With those bad memories behind me, I ran to Toy’s house like a gazelle.  I couldn’t wait to see what the keg was full of.   I walked into Tony’s garage and there it was, proudly featured, positioned in the center bay.  I walked over, peered down and here’s what I saw…..
Whoa! This got serious!  We had to get this thing tapped – stat.
– All non-essentials were removed from the fridge
– Framing nailer was pulled out of storage to make support structure
– CO2 tank charged
– Tap the keg with a Kanutin’ valve thingy
Oh no! We didn’t have the thingy to get the beer out.  Tony called his nanny who of course had the tap (we should all have a nanny with a beer tap btw).
Soon we were in business, drinking “All Day IPA” all day.
I wish the newly weds the very best! To Tony’s mother inlaw I thank you.
To Tony’s nanny (Editors note: Tony wanted me to assure everyone that he doesn’t personally need a nanny, it’s for his kid) your’re awesome too.  To Tony, ummm we ran out of beer.
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