Wake Up Dead Nitro Brew Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13  from Michigan

As I write this the first snow flakes of the season are falling, and although there is plenty of reason to be less than thrilled about that it’s a good reminder that a new season is upon us.  No I am not referring to winter, I’m of course referring to to stout season.  The time of year that you can dive into heavy full bodied brews that warm you up in a similar fashion as a good cup of coffee.  This year I decided to usher in stout season with Left Hand Brewing’s Wake Up Dead Nitro, a Russian Imperial Stout given the Nitro treatment making an already amazing stout just a little bit more unique.

Left Hand Brewing might not have been the first brewery to play with nitrogen in their beer, but they’re definitely the first one that I discovered doing it and really nailed the whole process.  Their flagship Milk Stout Nitro (SommBeer Review) first introduced me to how good a nitro beer could be so when it was announced that their Imperial Russian stout was going to get the same treatment I was thrilled.   Russian Stout’s, typically are quite a bit stronger than milk stouts and Wake up Dead is no exception there, pumping the nitro through the beer does an excellent job of mellowing out the intensity of the boozy flavors and really smooths it out in a masterful way.  The aroma that comes off the nitro version of this beer was fairly faint to me but was very pleasant with hints of roasted chocolate.  Wake up Dead packs an ABV of 10.2% which is somewhat surprising and almost unnoticeable, the nitrogen makes the beer so smooth that although you can taste the alcohol it’s very mild and extremely silky making for a very creamy and even velvety stout drinking experience.  The beer doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach so it is a beer that you can have more than one of with relative ease, just keep in mind that the ABV can sneak up with you pretty quick on this one.   Wake Up Dead Nitro is not only  an excellent addition to the Left Hand Brewing line up, it’s a quality addition to any winter line up.  If your a fan of stouts I highly recommend enjoying a 4 pack of this nitrogen enriched Russian styled Gem.

Overall Beer Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.


John Fahrner

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