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I think I’m getting old. Maybe I spend too much time on social media but I simply don’t understand the pointless bickering that goes on over opinions. Budweiser makes really crappy beer, if you are reading this post you have likely already come to that realization on your own. Still it amazes me how much time people spend actively pointing this out. We’re at a point in which Budweiser is definitely starting to notice smaller breweries as a threat and it’s reflected both in their advertising campaigns denouncing the craft beers of the world. Couple that with their efforts to start gobbling up reputable breweries that have gained some notoriety in a well crafted beverage industry. At what point does our resistance to companies like Budweiser become an advertising tool? Surely we all remember the big anti craft beer commercial that came out during the Super Bowl and I’m sure everyone has heard the age old statement that no publicity is bad publicity. Clearly the brain trusts in advertising ad Budweiser are aware of that, big brewers like Bud, Coors, etc, already have a built in customer base that have a brand and that’s not likely to change. There’s been a few other anti craft beer ads since the Super Bowl too that Budweiser has graced us with, although without the audience that the Super Bowl provides.

Since the Super Bowl there have been a number of breweries that have dropped a bevy of pumpkin peach inspired beers as limited quantity small batch release, and while I’m all for being defiant to the big brother of the beer world I can’t help but wonder why? From a personal standpoint I don’t like pumpkin and I’m not a fan of peach, or any fruit in my beer. If that’s something that sounds good to you go for it but I don’t think Budweiser cares regardless. The only thing Budweiser is trying to do with these ads is create a “us vs. them” mentality, it’s a hopped up beer version of jocks vs. nerds. Budweiser isn’t making products for me, they’re making products for the guy who doesn’t want to be one of us. The demographic has changed, I think Budweiser is well aware of it. The actions of AB are telling us “we’ll go after those beer snobs in a different way” but when it comes to their flagship product it appears they’re trying to keep their fans loyal with a us against them agenda.

The sad truth is that AB has achieved one thing with this stupid commercial, it got all of us craft beer aficionados talking about their product again. Sure we bashed it and called it swill and what not but we we’re all talking about Budweiser, and we still are. There’s an old Simpsons Halloween episode in which Homer steals a giant donut off a giant donut shop mascot thus prompting the mascot to come to life and destroy Springfield, with the help of every billboard in town. As hilarious as this all was there is a lesson in that classic treehouse of horror tale, the only way to free yourself from these products attacking our way of life is to ignore them. I’m not saying Budweiser is going to shut down and go in the gutter but at a minimum we can stop this whole them vs us mentality that they’re trying to create. As much as I love beers that are hand crafted for the love of beer and all the things that beer can be I fully understand that there is no shortage of people that could care less about the finer qualities of beer. For plenty of people beer is simply a fizzy yellow beverage to drink for the purpose of getting a buzz, and to an extent that’s fine. That customer is AB’s bread and butter, the guy who hears “Double Imperial IPA” and thinks “what the hell is that?” The guy that can walk into a store and justify spending $17 on a single bottle of limited edition stout hasn’t been the guy that Bud is trying to reach for some time now. So let’s not fall to their level, I left high school years ago and with that left the stupid high school mentality of grouping people together based off of common interests. On the consumer level there is no wrong answer as to what beer you choose to put in your glass regardless if that beer is produced “the hard way” or if it’s made the right way.

John Fahrner
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