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Uinta Brewing Co. Is located on 1722 Fremont Drive in Salt Lake City Utah. Uinta started off brewing in a renovated mechanic’s garage, in 1993.  After they started bottling the demand became so outrageous they relocated to their current location… A 26,000 square foot facility. They have VASTLY expanded their distribution!! Here we go… They now distribute to: ME, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, OH, KY, NC, SC, GA, FL, IL, MO, MN, KS, TX, NM, CO, WY, UT, ID, NV, AZ, CA, OR, WA and limited distribution in PA. A little bit bigger than the mechanics garage I imagine…Uinta is named after a mountain range located in northeastern Utah. It was interesting to find that many of Uinta’s brews are named after landmarks or have historical significance. For instance, Kings’s Peak Porter is named after Utah’s highest pike. Another awesome tid bit… Uinta has been completely wind powered since 2001, and they also installed solar paneling on their roof. Their catch phrase “Earth, Wind and Good Beer” really seems to fit them well at this point.

Trader is a Session India Pale Ale at 4%ABV, IBU 42 and estimated calories 120.
Trader has a white fluffy head that quickly dissipates. The amber, golden body is completely transparent. This beer is really aesthetically pleasing, quite inviting to drink.

I get a ton of honey in the scent of this brew; very sweet hop aroma also; Almost fruity, sweet mild pear and strong malt notes.  This beer is very thin, very drinkable sips as you would expect from a session. Very crisp carbonated bite at the end of each sip along with a slightly bitter hop bite to compliment the carbonation. I really only get that strong carbonation at the beginning and end of each sip, it’s not defined throughout the whole sip. I feel like this really allows you to absorb the intense crisp affect from when the carbonation finally hits your tongue. There are also very, very mild caramel like nutty notes that I feel go well with the sweet subtly bitter hops; feels like an amber ale. I wish this had a bit more developed of a hop profile but I do enjoy the drinkability. Trader was very pleasant to drink although very malt forward.
The funny thing is this beer has such a great appearance… In my opinion I feel it might smell better than it tastes. I would give this beer a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Definitely a pleasant experience, like I said, but just wish there was a bit more flavor other than malt. The malt really dominated this brew. I paired this with garlic knots and pizza. I made the dough with one of the main ingredients being Trader Session IPA.


I will be posting the recipe for both shortly. I will definitely keep you posted!

Thanks again for reading. It truly means a lot that you all take the time to listen to what I have to say, and possibly even take into consideration some of the experiences I’ve had.

I will
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Sources: UintaBrewing.com

If you’re looking for a good pairing, keep scrolling!

Margarita Session Pie:


What you will need:

For the dough:
1/4 C Trader Session IPA
1/4 C Milk
4 TSP Sugar
2 TSP Dry Yeast
3 C Flour
1.5 TSP Baking Powder
1.5 TSP Salt
2 Eggs
3/4 C Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt

1-2 Tomatoes-Sliced
1/2 C Parmesan Cheese
1/4 C Mozzarella
1/4 C Basil (Roll and Slice)
3 TBS Minced Garlic
(You can modify the toppings however you want, for this pie I used pepperoni instead of sliced tomato, and Cheddar Cheese instead of Mozzarella; to compliment any hoppy notes that may have been brought out in the dough.)
1/2 Can Tomato sauce (Or see below for home made sauce.)
***Good idea to make the sauce a day before. It only takes 30 minutes, 40 tops, but it’s a good idea to let it chill before applying to dough.***
5 Large Tomatoes
1 TBS Olive Oil
4 TSP Garlic (Or to taste, I love garlic so I usually add more; just check and see what you prefer.)
1 TBS Sugar
Black Pepper to taste
1/2 TSP Salt
1/2 TSP Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Herbs to taste (I used basil, dill, rosemary and oregano.)


For Dough:
*Preheat oven to 375 F
*Warm milk in cup for 30 seconds
*Combine milk, beer, yeast, and sugar; Stir and let site for 5 minutes
(You will notice the mixture start to bubble.)



*In a food processor (No, this will not work in a blender.) combine mixture and rest of dough ingredients. Pulse until completely mixed together.
*Transfer dough to floured area (You will need a bit of space.)
(If the dough is too sticky kneed in flour, if too tough add equal parts warm milk and beer.)


*Kneed dough
*I used aluminum foil because I didn’t have a big enough baking sheet… Or a brick oven …which would’ve been lovely.
It took two pieces about a foot and a half long. I overlapped them about half an inch in the center and sprinkled cornmeal.
*Put your dough in the center of the foil and roll into a circular shape about 16″ in diameter. (You can also do 12″ depending on what best suits your kitchen.)


*To get a thick crust like seen in the pictures just roll the outer edge back towards the center about 1/4″
*If you aren’t using the dough immediately you can cover and leave in the fridge. Take it out 30 minutes before using.

For Sauce:
*Cut off tops of the tomatoes, slice into fours
*Combine all sauce ingredients in food processor


*Transfer to medium-high heat in medium sized panimage

*Bring to boil consistently stirring
Reduce heat, stir while thickens for 20-30 minutes
*Let cool before applying to dough

After sauce has cooled:
*With large spoon or ladle, dump 1 spoonful into the center of the pie; with spoon move counter clockwise in a circular motion starting In the center of the pie and slowly working your way to the crust. Do not cover crust with sauce. (Although you can cover it with equal parts beer and butter if you want to be really fancy :p )
*Add all other toppings (You can do this step however you want, get creative, and have fun! I do recommend using some Parmesan cheese on top, after all your toppings are added.)
*Pop in the oven for 12-15 minutes…


Depending on your oven, may cook quicker or take longer. My best advice, CHECK after 6 minutes and rotate at least 90 degrees to avoid uneven heating. If it’s taking longer rotate another 90 after 12 total minutes. REMEMBER to CHECK the bottom… Pizza is deceiving, the top can look finished but the bottom may not even be golden yet. Be proactive to avoid ruining your pie :p
Also, if your pie is sticking to the aluminum foil a ton DONT FRET!!!
To rotate just grab the edges of the aluminum foil and when you take it out of the oven let it cool a bit and then cut it, any pieces in which the foil stuck…just peel back the foil it will come right off. This is a lot better than trying to get the foil off while your pie is flaming hot and still whole.

imageimageAlrighty, so there ya have it. My hopefully fool proof, Margarita Session Pie.
I hope you enjoyed reading… Let me know if you try the recipe, I’d love to hear what you think.

Stay safe and have fun!

Craft Brew Gal

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