Tony Soprano’s Booze of Choice

Today on Sommbeer we explore what this fictional character would choose to drink – Tony Soprano’s Booze of Choice

 It is infrequent that a grand idea lasts the transition from a drunken stupor to a sober hangover. Therefore, I have given up on grand ideas, and now choose to focus on ideas that are simple and amusing. This project, born from a mix of strong IPA’s and multiple glasses of French red wine, is one that I hope invokes much discussion and enjoyment:

Step 1 – Choose a character from a television show or movie.

Step 2 – Analyze factors such as his/her personality, upbringing, location, heritage, family life, financial situation, friends, time-period, etc.

Step 3 – Identify his/her favorite beer, wine, and cocktail (some answers will be obvious, but most will be up for debate).


Source: HBO

Tony Soprano

A ruthless mob boss capable of murder, deceit, infidelity, and any number of illegal activities. On the surface this may be true, but throughout the seasons we realize that Tony has a softer side – especially for his children, wife, and therapist. Tony has many demons and struggles throughout the series with panic attacks. He also has to navigate through constant “work related” crises, and deal with his pain-in-the-ass sister, Janice. Mix all of this with a “cruel and joyless woman” for a mother, and a mob capo for a father and it is no wonder Tony needs a drink or two.

Not an easy choice, but I think we can safely eliminate craft beers, IPAs, Guinness, and anything dealing with fruit. Some considerations were Heineken, Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Miller Lite.  The Bud, Stella, and Miller Lite are simple beers that would be enjoyed with the views at the Bada Bing, and I am not convinced Tony would give much thought to his beer of choice. Heineken might have been the result of their ever-present product placement, but you can’t deny that it is a common “suburban dad” beer (which Tony is on occasion). My choice might be annoyingly obvious, but it has to be Peroni. It is the classic Italian beer, and I can’t help but visualize a six-pack of Peroni in the Soprano refrigerator right next to the capocollo and leftover pasta.

On multiple occasions we see a bottle of Chianti on the table in front of Tony. This makes sense, considering Chianti is a classic pairing for almost all Italian dishes. Specifically, I am going with a Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico. This bottle was featured in occasion episodes, and has dark red fruit and herbal notes, with hints of pepper. Classic for a reason, and fits the palate of the mob boss who loves eating traditional Italian-American food.

Source: HBO

Also featured in a few episodes, Tony likes a nice single malt scotch. This goes great with one of his cigars, and helps portray the manly aspect a mob boss needs. It also speaks to Tony’s penchant for the high priced lavish lifestyle. There are several smooth and delicious options, but I think Glenlivet 18 Year is the most fitting. Maybe with a couple cubes of ice to cool down the mouth in between drags of a Cuban. It is true that he is featured on multiple occasions with Johnny Walker Black, but I think the flavor profile is too smokey. The real Tony would prefer Glenlivet.

Source: Gentleman’s Gazette

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