The Things We Don’t Want in our Beer

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Blueberry pancakes. Blueberry muffins. Blueberry cobbler. Blueberry…beer?

A recent discussion arose on Twitter regarding beer fanatics’ most hated brewing flavors and ingredients – what not to have in beer. Any beer geek has discussed their favorite brands, styles, and methods of brewing and storing. Beer drinkers love to talk about makes beer good. 

What makes beer bad?  


Does everyone love a good Oktoberfest or winter brew? Are you cool with apricots in your beer? Is there something you find repulsive despite its popularity?

Starting with a twitter discussion of chili peppers, a small debate ensued over beer flavorings that some preferred to remain outside their fermenting vessels. A few ingredients mentioned were pumpkin, strawberry, watermelon, coriander, clove, cinnamon, ground beef….

Ok, just kidding with that last one.

Nevertheless, it begs the question: Where do we draw the line?

Abita-Purple-Haze-6pkBtl-5046   pumpkin_stout_growler2

Certainly, AB-Bev has sought to demonize craft beer geeks for their love of flavored beer – “Let them have their pumpkin-peach ale,” they say. The picture painted of craft brew geeks by Busch is not without its merit. Most of us craft-beer geeks do love our pumpkin-peach ales, saisons, honey infused beers, and more. Innovation and imagination invigorate the craft-brewing community. For every standard IPA or stout, there is a blackberry-cherry black ale, a dark chocolate stout, lemon-ginger lager, bourbon-barreled ale, or a grapefruit Weiss. And, let’s not forget about Wells Banana Bread Beer.

But, but when do things go too far…for you?

Our twitter friend, @JacobGrimes, remarked on a certain strawberry brew: “Literally – tastes like Cap’n crunch.”  With apologies to the long-time captain of the S.S. Breakfast – this was no compliment.

I can relate to the breakfast comparison. I do not like blueberry beer. Actually, I hate it. I don’t want blueberry in my beer any more than I want Worcestershire coffee or teriyaki bagels.

The worst part of blueberry brews, I argue, has to do with flavoring that reminds me of blueberry syrup, not blueberries. Tasting a blueberry beer reminds me of  kids who pour so much blueberry syrup on their waffle that the waffle floats on its own syrup sea. Even Captain Crunch can’t navigate that sugary storm.


As soon as the bottle cap is removed, the waft of blueberry smacks me in the face and lets me know that I’m about to experience a beer like no other.

I prefer the other.

Obviously, personal preference plays a large role in this quest for the ideal bear, but there is a preference – what is yours?

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Mathew Powers

Mathew Powers

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Mathew Powers

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  1. I was joking when I said “ground beef” in my submission. I had no idea meat existed as as legitimate choice in flavoring beer. I won’t even comment on brussel sprouts. I mean….what?? That’s crazy!
    Thanks for that comment — I had no idea!


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