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Good evening,
First off, I want to thank you for the opportunity to rave about one of my passions Fridgeof the world, beer. Along with music and animals, it is my life. I’ll give you a little bit about myself and then jump into my first review. I was born in Belleville, IL and still reside right next door in Millstadt, IL; which in itself lends a lot to my story. While most would not know this tidbit, Belleville was originally the home of Stag Brewing Company until August of 1988. My uncle worked there for many years and the loss (of the brewer leaving) was felt hard in this area. We are right across the river from St Louis and the Blues and Cardinals are my favorites as we await an MLS team. I still remember as a kid fetching old steel cans and having to open them, but the day I saw my first homemade refrigerator half-barrel tapper, I knew I was in heaven. I could go after beers at the family parties, and, well, can’t let any spill, it just took a long time to learn how to manage the pour, or maybe I had it down. From Stag to Buckhorn to PBR to Carling as well as Falstaff and Schlitz and little treats like Malt Duck, I acquired the taste for frosty barley pops early on.

My teens and early twenties, yes I know, shocking that beer nuts would have tasted before legal drinking age, was a mix of real quality, Natural Light,  Keystone Light, anything cheap and light, etc. and then I thought I had hit my mark, leaded Bud, the king, the one and only. It did last me for quite a while and it was different in all the world of light beers, but then, something changed. A good friend of mine went to college in Ft. Collins, CO and in the fall of 1994, a buddy and I flew out to visit him. We headed to the Wash Bar in old town and he handed me a 32 oz Styrofoam cup with something brown in it….little did I realize what was about to happen, I drank and tasted my first sips of Fat Tire and the world changed. Long before it was available damn near everywhere, I had just taken a journey of a thousand miles, almost literally, to find a true wonder. Since that point, I have watched this amazing explosion of microbreweries, which we have to classify as craft beer now because we have to encompass nano-breweries, btw I would say that pico-breweries are right around the corner is we keep following the trend. I will try any brew once, sometimes more than once, and sometimes they become regulars of mine, but I am the fondest of IPAs and am a self proclaimed hophead, but kind of like my love for heat in my food, believe you can go to far, and that is where true artistry come in. Enough about me already, how about a review:

I examined my fridge, note pic, after your message and decided that although I wouldn’t usually start the night off with a stout, one brewed with coffee should help me still get things done around the house:

The Devil’s Invention – Beer Review
Hello all, I am honored to take a stab at giving some reviews here about brews I am coming across as well as some of my favorites, so for number one, I picked one out TDIof my fridge that I hadn’t tried yet and give it a whirl. I choose The Devil’s Invention by 4Hands Brewing Co., here in St. Louis, MO. they are one of my favorite local brews here and are quickly making a name outside of the area. The Devil’s Invention is a stout brewed with coffee weighing in at 7.2%ABV and is a very easy stout to dive into. If someone just handed you a pint, you may confuse it for Guinness, just by looks and the silky head to it, but after one sip the coffee flavor jumps in to give your tonsils a wake up call. Obviously this is not a beer to settle in for the night with, but I needed to get some stuff done around the house, so the caffeine will be helpful. While some stouts can be overpowering for some, TDI has a nice silky mouth feel and a very balanced taste like a well made cup of joe would have as well. As is the case with most stouts, their weight in my opinion makes them a great choice to go with dessert and 4Hands agrees, as they suggest pairing with chocolate cake. I was out of cake, but just happened to come across some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and they made an excellent companion almost reminding me of another 4Hands choice, but I’ll save that for another time. Be kind on this review as it is my maiden voyage, but I look forward to this opportunity to share and will hopefully be able to introduce some of my fellow hopheads to new and interesting brews as I pull from them. Just remember with TDI, if you wouldn’t drink a big cup of coffee before bed, don’t blame me while you are laying awake at 2:00 am wondering how you can be awake with the nice buzz you have going on.
All my underdogs,

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