The Best Beers for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest Football game of the year.  It’s also the biggest television event of the year, so big that people even tune in specifically to watch the commercials.  People all over the world throw house parties to enjoy the big game and all those house parties are loaded with snacks, food and beer.  So what beer should you buy or bring to a Super Bowl party? Unless you want to drink swill don’t take the advice of the NFL, no good can come from that. Luckily Sommbeer is here to let you know the best beers to pair with the big game!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada’s flagship Pale Ale is one of the most approachable beers on the planet.  It’s easy to drink, goes well with pretty much any food or snack at your Super Bowl party, and isn’t so strong that you’ll fall asleep on the couch by half time.  This beer is an easy answer for fans of Craft or Domestic beer and never lets you down, it’s an easy pick for Super Bowl Sunday.

Founders Porter

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If you were to tell me that Founders Porter is the only beer that I could drink for the rest of my life I would be ok with that. This beer is, in my opinion, the best porter on the market and its available year round.  If you want a change of pace from IPA’s and lagers on game day Founders Porter is an excellent choice as you watch the Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots (since they get to the Super Bowl so often) on any given year.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

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Boston Lager, for whatever reason, is the forgotten juggernaut of the craft beer world.  Honestly, I don’t understand why more craft beer fans can’t embrace this beer.  It’s a remarkably solid Vienna Lager that is easy to drink and easy to find on the shelf of stores all over the country.  The only real reason to avoid this beer on Super Bowl Sunday should be if you’re a fan of the team that is likely playing the Patriots.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

IPA’s are to beer what running backs are to the NFL.  Dependable, Exciting, and ever changing.  Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute Imperial IPA is one of the best IPA’s you can get year round all over the country.  90 Minute IPA is as dependable as Emmitt Smith behind that insanely good O-Line and as flashy as Barry Sanders in the backfield just before breaking out for a big gain.  Just keep in mind that if you drink the whole 4 pack calling an Uber to get you home would be advisable.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand

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Is your team playing in the Super Bowl? As a Detroit Lions fan that concept is foreign to me but never the less you’re going to need a victory beer! Granted, you’re going to need some self control with this one since Bourbon County isn’t likely to be hanging out on the shelves of your local bottle shop, but that’s one of the reasons we cellar beer! So whether your team is hoisting the Lombardi or if you just won a game of squares the Super Bowl is the perfect occasion to break out a trophy beer and celebrate your victories, regardless of how much or how little you have to do with said victory!

Mickey’s Malt Liqour

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Did your team just lose a Super Bowl? Are you a Detroit Lions Fan? Do you simply need to erase the memory of the last 12 hours before calling into work on Monday morning because your brain is physically detached from your head and the pounding just won’t stop?  Say no more! Crack a 40 of Mickey’s and drown away the pain of another lost NFL season.  At least you won’t have to worry about another football game until September!





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