The Team

The Sommbeer Team


David staff pageDavid Barrett, Founder
I’m an engineer that can speak in complete sentences (self taught). Family focused. I never met a stout or porter I couldn’t finish.  Homebrewer and closet wine guy.





John FahrnerJohn Fahrner, Senior Editor
A simple man. I like Dogs, Beer, & Hockey. Senior Editor and Michigan Brand Ambassador for Sommbeer





Dom ManfrediDon Manfredi, Staff Writer
Business Professor, Martial Artist, Friend of Most Things Fermented, Detroit, MI







M Powers 1Matthew Powers, Staff Writer
I’ve led an eclectic life, traveled many miles, and usually found a way to enjoy a beer or two along the way. I’m a writer for Chilled Magazine, Chicago Tribune Media Group,, and soon Thrillist-Chicago. As you can see, I’m a writer and beer nerd. I’m also a historian. In fact, I have a Master’s in Written Communication and soon a Master’s in History (fall 2016). I’m also a die hard Chicagoan, sports fanatic, lover of great cars, and a former tornado chaser.


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