The Team

The Sommbeer Team

David Barrett, Co-founder
I’m an engineer that can speak in complete sentences (self taught). Family focused. I never met a stout or porter I couldn’t finish.  Homebrewer and closet wine guy.

John Fahrner, Co-founder
A simple man. I like Dogs, Beer, & Hockey. Senior Editor and Michigan Brand Ambassador for Sommbeer

Tom Ayres, Staff Writer
Relatively new to the Sommbeer team but making a huge impact with readers. Tom has explored home brewing and the journeys taken by those that have created breweries of their own.

Julian Cantella, Staff Writer
Julian has an incredible diversity of material and isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Subjects range from beer pairings, consumers right to know beer ingredients and that infamous “All-Day IPA” 30 day challenge.

Joel Geier, Staff Writer
Traveling in his own brand “Brewery Travels”, Joel has visited more breweries than any one we know. We knew him when he had a few dozen chalked up and reviewed. Today he is fast approaching the 500 mark.

Don Manfredi, Staff Writer
Business Professor, Martial Artist, Friend of Most Things Fermented, Detroit, MI

Matthew Powers, Staff Writer
I’ve led an eclectic life, traveled many miles, and usually found a way to enjoy a beer or two along the way. I’m a writer for Chilled Magazine, Chicago Tribune Media Group,, and soon Thrillist-Chicago. I’m also a die hard Chicagoan, sports fanatic, lover of great cars, and a former tornado chaser.

Interested in writing for Sommbeer? Send us a note, we would love to hear from you.

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South, Lyon MI 48178

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