Tavour Delivers! Taxman Brewing Company Beer Review

tavour-seal-100kNormally getting the mail is one of those chores that I like to avoid, that is of course unless that mail is beer mail.  There are a few ways that you can get beer mail such as an expensive beer of the month club or with an exchange through friends. Then there is Tavour. Tavour is no beer of the month club, not even close.  Tavour is pioneering beer delivery at home by offering award-winning craft beer delivered to your home while only requiring members to pay for what they actually want.

One of the breweries making beer that I always seem to want, but due to where I’m located can’t always get, is Taxman Brewing beers.  Tavour to the rescue! I was overjoyed when my box arrived containing 3 beers featuring a smiling skull wearing a top hat with the Taxman Brewing Co. name on them.  Taxman Brewing Company is located in Bargersville Indiana and specializes in Belgian style beers.  Prior to receiving this package from Tavour the only beer from Taxman that I had tried was Exemption, their Belgian Triple Ale, and boy was it impressive. Needless to say I was very excited for the contents of this box.

img_0330The first treasure I pulled out was a bomber of  Blackberry Deduction. This beer is part of the Brewmaster Series and is only available from May through June according to the brewers website.  The brew is a Belgian style Dubbel that, as the name suggests, is loaded with BlackBerry.  The beer pours with a nice deep hazy brown color that gets just a bit of a purpleish hue from the black berries and has a nice fresh berry aroma to go right along with the pour. The body is fairly light but the fruit flavor is very prevalent.  It’s not overpowering though, a nice malty backbone brings a richness to the beer that balances everything out nicely and makes this an easy brew to sip and enjoy. Personally I would love to get another bottle of this to cellar and see how those fruits mellow out over time.

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I want this to be my deFallt fall beer

Next up from the box of goodies is deFallt, a Bière de Garde that is an autumn seasonal release making its way into my belly at just the right time of the year.  DeFallt is a french style farmhouse ale that is amber in color with almost no head and leaving no lacing on the glass.  The flavors in this beer are so well-balanced it’s simply incredible.  Vanilla, cinnamon and honey are the 3 rock stars packed into this can. Each flavor is notably discernible but none of them overpower their fermented counterparts. DeFallt is smooth and easy to drink and would pair well with fall foods like chilli, sausages, and or even a Sunday afternoon pot roast.  To put it bluntly, if I have to drive to Bargersville Indiana next year to get more of this beer I will make that road trip without hesitation.

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can I drink this picture?

Last but certainly not least we have a Belgian Style IPA appropriately named Hop Collector.  IPA is the style of beer that really transformed me into a craft beer lover. Hop Collector is an excellent example of how great an IPA can be and also defies the notion that all IPA’s taste the same. Hop Collector is available year round and would be the type of beer that I would order in the Taxman taproom all the time.  If there’s a date on this can I can’t find it but this beer tastes incredibly fresh and the Amarillo and Simcoe hops absolutely pop in this beer.  This marvelously funky deep golden ale has some wonderfully balanced citrus and pine notes that leave a sticky finish on the beer that is on par with any flagship IPA that comes to mind.  As flavorful as Hop Collector is it doesn’t bomb your palate with hops to the point that tasting anything else is off the table for the rest of the night.  This is just a really great beer, strong enough to hold its own against other Indiana hop giants like Zombie Dust (I like this significantly more) and still approachable enough to those curious or just discovering IPA.  I 4could go on for days about this brew and how impressed I am by it,  but I’m going to make it simple, this beer alone can justify your membership to Tavour, worth every penny and I can’t wait to buy it again… and then again.

Tavour really does provide a great service.  By the time I got through trying all 3 beers in my box from Tavour I was already on the phone texting buddies and trying to plan a road trip to Taxman Brewing.  Before receiving this shipment of beer I was already interested in Taxman, but this really cemented it.  Is everything you try from Tavour going to blow your socks off? No probably not, but exposing consumers to fantastic brews that they might not have the option to purchase otherwise is definitely valuable,





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  1. Taxman is probably my favorite local brewery. Look for their seasonal Bean Counter when it comes out. Frozen Assets isTaxman”s take on a milk stout. It tastes like Dove chocolate melting in your mouth. When you visit I hear the Sunday brunch is out of this world.


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