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Alewerks Brewing Company, from Williamsburg, Virginia

It was Friday and Tavour had delivered.  A special shoutout to my wife for being at the house when it arrived.  She left it near the door so I picked it up to take it safely downstairs where it could chill.  My muscles strained to pick it up.  This box was heavy but compact.  What could it be? It was full of bombers!  I love the delivery service from Tavour, they make for fun weekends.

This box featured a brewery from Williamsburg, Virginia, a new brewery for me – Alewerks Brewing Company.  If you haven’t visited nearby Colonial Williamsburg I highly recommend it.  It is a wonderfully preserved area, designed to educate us on that demanding and critical period of time in American history.  It’s also a lot of fun.  Last time I visited, I stopped into an authentic colonial restaurant and ordered peanut soup, rabbit roast and some sort of hard punch that made me forget about the summer heat.  Now that Alewerks is in the area, a visit to this important place would be even better (Alewerks is a 10 minute drive from colonial Williamsburg).

The following are my reviews of the beers I sampled from Alewerks. Every brewery has a personality and I tried hard to capture this one.  Their beers were complex without being overpowering.  The bottle packaging and marketing made for fun conversation.  The defining component with this brewery however was that I talked about them the next day.  Like a good movie, they left a positive impression on me that made me reflect.  I can’t wait to get back to Colonial Williamsburg and have a side trip to this brewery.

Droste Effect – The Droste effect is when a picture appears inside a picture IMG_8461appears inside a picture…. I learned this after I noticed the beer label had a picture of a beer label.  The brew is sweet but not syrupy.  Rather, the chocolate is the dominate note.  It’s not overly complex and yet I kept tasting different taste notes so maybe it is.  I put a lot of brain power trying to define this wonderful beer.  Creamy, chocolate notes and a warm finish made for a nice front porch drink on a rainy summer evening.  Guys, please make another bottle, I need to age this.


Farmhouse AleMedium bodied and restrained, this is a wonderful farmhouseAlewerks ale/saison.  The packaging is a nice touch and makes for a fun presentation.  When I had first looked at the label and it said “Belgian style” I braced myself for a slap in the face with coriander and spices. Instead I found a comforting creamy ale that grew in complexity as it warmed.


Superb IPA Wow, my 3rd beer from this new brewery (for me) and I’m amazed atIMG_8475 their product diversity.  I chilled this beer (I think you can see the evidence of this in the pic).  This beer smells wonderful.  I was struck at how it does not taste at all like the west coast IPAs.  Less bitter and more malt pronounced, this beer finished nicely.  I noticed this beer had a lot of yeast sediment.  I like that but realized not many double IPAs seem to have this.  Hey that yeast is good for you!




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