“Taking a Break from the IPA”

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“Taking a Break from the IPA”

If you’re anything like me (and let’s all hope you’re not) there’s nothing better in this world than when you find a new beer you like. Food tastes better. The sun shines brighter. That thing that you hate about yourself doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

But the problem is that somewhere along the line I stopped trying new and different beers and only started trying new and different IPAs. In my defense, it’s because IPA’s are awesome and delicious and make the fact that I can’t seem to finish any book I start seem like a lovable character flaw instead of the soul crushing disappointment I have to face when I look in the mirror once a week or so (also don’t like the shape of my head).
So Ive decided to not drink for a while.
IPA’s. I’ll still drink beer. I’m not a crazy person.
And since today is Friday I am going to stop at my favorite store and pick up a six pack of something that can best be described as “not an IPA” for the weekend. Will it be a wheat beer? A red? A stout? I dunno, man. Why are you asking me so many questions?
So tonight I’m going to go get something new. Something different. Something I haven’t tried before. I’m going to take time sipping it. Try to connect with something else. And maybe, in the end, learn a little something about myself.
Just kidding about that last part. I’m gonna watch 30 Rock reruns on Netflix.

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One thought on ““Taking a Break from the IPA””

  1. IPA’s are great, but only one of a multitude of awesome styles out there. After a while I find that they taste similar to each other, with often subtle differences since many use the same hops and similar grain bills. I suggest grabbing some Saisons for a change.


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