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Christmas Beer

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas Beer

Christmas beer season is upon us. Unlike the conversation associated with the slew of pumpkin ales that arrive months before trick or treaters hit the streets, Christmas beers are largely well received. Partly, it might be because holiday beers are wildly diverse. In general, there is usually some level of earthy and warming spice involved, as well as robust malt. Some are hopped, some are aged, some are lagered, and some are all of those. Like gifts under a tree, there’s a little something for…

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How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer

How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer 22oz bottles. Cases. Cans. Kegs. Growlers. Beer comes in lots of packages.  But it’s the 6-pack that’s ubiquitous. It’s also a great way to organize beers. A 6-pack of my favorites. A 6-pack of beers to try when you visit Philly.  A 6-pack of beers that I was excited to buy before they were bought by ABInbev.  But my favorite is a 6-pack of beers to introduce a new drinker to craft? The craft beer world is…

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