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The Best Beers for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest Football game of the year.  It’s also the biggest television event of the year, so big that people even tune in specifically to watch the commercials.  People all over the world throw house parties to enjoy the big game and all those house parties are loaded with snacks, food and beer.  So what beer should you buy or bring to a Super Bowl party? Unless you want to drink swill don’t take the advice of the NFL, no good…

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Patriots vs Falcons has turned into Samuel Adams vs Sweetwater

Its Super Bowl week, which means there will be constant coverage of both lucky football franchises, along with the antics of the fans, businesses and cities each team hails from. And while there’s sure to be buzz about what the local Atlanta and Boston governors bet each other and anticipation, or dread, or the latest Budweiser Super Bowl spot, there’s one interesting bet from two prominent breweries that has me intrigued: Sweetwater (ATL) vs Samuel Adams (NE). Maybe you saw that a local Georgia gas…

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How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer

How To Introduce Your Friends to Craft Beer 22oz bottles. Cases. Cans. Kegs. Growlers. Beer comes in lots of packages.  But it’s the 6-pack that’s ubiquitous. It’s also a great way to organize beers. A 6-pack of my favorites. A 6-pack of beers to try when you visit Philly.  A 6-pack of beers that I was excited to buy before they were bought by ABInbev.  But my favorite is a 6-pack of beers to introduce a new drinker to craft? The craft beer world is…

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