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Pure Brews America: Season 2 Ep. 3 Recap

This weeks episode of Pure Brews America starts in Royal Oak Michigan at Roak Brewing. Right off the bat we go to the production area of Roak and get to see Shannon learn the joys of cleaning out a mash tun.  It’s a dirty job but definitely fun to watch and shows a side of brewing that a lot of people either might not be aware of or simply might not think of.  Ryan then shows us the tap-room which has a really nice modern look.…

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Pure Brews America Season 2 Ep. 3 Preview

This week on Pure Brews America Ryan and Shannon check out two more acclaimed breweries in the great beer state of Michigan. On this episode the crew goes behind the scenes at Perrin Brewing in Comstock Park Michigan and also make a stop at Roak Brewing! Opened in June of 2015 Roak Brewing is, relatively speaking, a new and up and coming brewery that is right in the heart of Royal Oak Michigan. Being open for just over a yeah hasn’t stopped the momentum at…

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Perrin Brewing No Rules: Beer Review

It’s the beginning of April in Michigan and of course in true spring fashion it’s snowing outside. In the beer world KBS and Hoplsam  hype is still in full swing and Oberon is flooding shelves since we assume at some point winter might go away.  In the midst of all this there stands No Rules by Perrin Brewing, an Imperial Vietnamese Porter  that is released once a year and brings with it a different kind of hype. No Rules is definitely a beer that is…

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