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Pineapple Cloud 19 : Beer Review

Co-founder at Sommbeer.com
I enjoy supporting local beer and breweries.
John Fahrner

Fruity beer can be a good thing.  Granted not every beer is enhanced by fruit. Sometimes fruit can actually be counterproductive to a well crafted beer.  However sometimes cranking the fruit volume up to 11 makes an already great beer magically delicious. Cloud 19 is a New England Style IPA made by Brew Detroit. The base brew of Cloud 19 is delicious and wonderful on it’s own. I usually follow Brew Detroit pretty close and try to keep up on their releases throughout the year.…

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The lazy, hazy days of summer (beers).

I'm a college professor with expertise in biochemistry who gave up doing 'hardcore' biochemistry for brewing science research a few years back. Now I study yeast metabolism and sugar mobilization in malt. Working with students, we have been able to present our findings at professional conferences like the World Brewing Congress and American Society of Brewing Chemists annual meetings. Introducing students to the science behind beer is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Outside of my "professional" life, I'm a BJCP certified judge, I bike and ski everywhere at every chance I get, and after a day of that, love chilling on the couch with my 2 dogs and 1 cat.

I also salve my need for intellectual challenge by designing and building fun brewing related projects, the best of which is my 100% solar powered brewing setup. #NerdAlert.

Or: Why those tasty, tasty New England IPAs are legit cloudy – mostly. There has been a surge lately in the number of beers being sold that are, how shall we say it…. less than clear in their visual appearance. For some styles, this is, of course, historically accurate and fully appropriate. Think Bavarian hefeweizen, or Belgian wit. For most other styles, a hazy beer is considered a fault and a mark of an improperly crafted beer. Of late, it seems that idea is being thrown…

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