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Hopslam 2017 : Beer Review

A review of Hopslam from Bells Brewery I don’t chase down Hopslam, it comes to me. Here in Michigan the annual release of Hopslam is a crazy time where thousands scramble to find this hoppy elixir in select grocery and beer stores.  At times, the pursuit of Hopslam hits a level of hysteria that I am not comfortable with.  No matter, there’s enough attention on the subject that my beer mules always seem to track down a six pack for me. The year, 2017, Hopslam is…

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Bell’s Hopslam Review

Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Bell’s has a variety of brews that are released every year as part of their annual release series, none of those beers are more sought after than Hopslam.  Hopslam has been a staple of the of the craft beer  hunter for as long as I can remember and has rightfully earned it’s place as a beer that sells out usually within hours of hitting shelves.   What I will never understand with Hopslam is the group of hipsters inside…

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