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Pure Brews Season 2 Ep. 4 Recap

This week on Pure Brews America the crew starts by taking us out to the farm and visits Greenbush brewing. Crazy as it might sound Greenbush was actually started after the Co-Founder Scott Sullivan hurt his hand woodworking.  After hurting his hand he had some time to kill and decided to start homebrewing in his free time.  After getting some advice from his friend, Co-Founder Justin Heckathorn, the two set out and opened their brewery in Sawyer Michigan. Then it’s time to get to work bottling…

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Pure Brews America Season 2 Ep. 4 Preview

This week wraps up the first half of season 2 of Pure Brews America and to cap off the first half of the season Shannon and Ryan head to two of the most renowned and respected breweries in the great beer state of Michigan. First off the gang stops off at Greenbush Brewing in Sawyer Michigan.  Greenbush brews a few favorite beers among the Sommbeer staff (Delusion, Mr. Hyde and Brother Benjamin) and consistently cranks out world class beers.  Greenbush also offers some acclaimed dishes…

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Hopslam vs. Brother Benjamin: Honey Flavored Head to Head

Featured Contributor:  Don Manfredi  @profmanfredi March is a great time of year. There is the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the start of spring, and the release of Hopslam from Bell’s Brewery. Now if you follow Sommbeer at all you know that many of us are not fans of tricked out beers and a few of us have strict rules about what should and should not be in beer. Honey is one that I used to think had no place in beer until I tried Hopslam a few…

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