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A Stroll on the Sour Side: Understanding Sour Beer

Tart, sour, wild. Lacto, brett, pediococcus. How about koelschips, kettle sours, and krieks? In an age of craft beer enlightenment, the terminology around sour beers can still read as inscrutably as the side of a prescription drug bottle. More importantly, the odd words belie a legitimate concern for sour consumers: with all the confusion around what a sour is, it can be damn near impossible to know what the next beer you try will smell or taste like, let alone whether it’s worth the often…

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Send me Gose

Featured Guest Contributor  Doc Lyons @directordoc Hi, I’m Doc and I’m a beer enthusiast [voices in unison: “Hello Doc.”]. I’ve been a beer enthusiast for around 5 years now. Before that I mostly drank whiskey, wine and cider… I also had a fondness for mead. Since then I haven’t looked back… ok I’ve looked back occasionally, yeah whatever. Beer, specifically craft beer, has taken grip of my life as more of a passion than any other alcoholic beverage, and I’ve even begun brewing it at…

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