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The Best Beers for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest Football game of the year.  It’s also the biggest television event of the year, so big that people even tune in specifically to watch the commercials.  People all over the world throw house parties to enjoy the big game and all those house parties are loaded with snacks, food and beer.  So what beer should you buy or bring to a Super Bowl party? Unless you want to drink swill don’t take the advice of the NFL, no good…

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Chill, guys. It’s just beer.

Featured Contributor Bill Mayeroff @bill_mayeroff Well, folks, we did it. We survived Thanksgiving weekend. You survived the gluttony, the racist relatives you only see once a year, the airports and the travel. And if you’re a beer fan, especially in Chicago, you may also have survived the long lines at liquor stores to get hold of a beer that to many beer fans is the official taste of Black Friday. I’m talking, of course, of Goose Island‘s Bourbon County Brand Stout and its variants – Proprietors’,…

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Drinking Beer the Hard Way

Featured Contributor Matt  @SportsNCraftBeer Recently, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) – you may know them as the parent company of Goose Island Brewery and Elysian Brewing, began running ads that championed their status as a macro-brew and claiming that while craft brew junkies (like the ones that drink Goose Island) are busy fussing over their beer, Bud is doing it the “hard way.” Apparently, they feel that craft brew enthusiasts (like those that enjoy Elysian), can go ahead and “enjoy their pumpkin-peach ale” while Bud continues to make…

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