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The Best Beers for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest Football game of the year.  It’s also the biggest television event of the year, so big that people even tune in specifically to watch the commercials.  People all over the world throw house parties to enjoy the big game and all those house parties are loaded with snacks, food and beer.  So what beer should you buy or bring to a Super Bowl party? Unless you want to drink swill don’t take the advice of the NFL, no good…

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Palm Reader Beer Review

Founders Brewing  Palm Reader Beer Review When it comes to “big breweries” in the craft beverage industry Founders Brewing is one of the bigger brands out there.   They make beers that are renowned world wide and those beers are sought after by fans all over the country, and probably the world.  Palm Reader is one of the newest offerings from Founders and the beer is exclusively offered in their home state of Michigan. Palm Reader is also another example of  a beer that is…

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Founders Imperial Stout – Beer Review

We the people of Sommbeer sure love our stouts.  Bell’s Expedition Stout, Dragon’s Milk, KBS, and Neapolitan Milk Stout are just a small sampling of the stouts that we love.  Hanging in there with them is Founders Imperial Stout; A big burly heavy beer that hits shelves at the beginning of each year to put the holidays to bed and warm your belly in the cold winter months with some Imperialistic goodness. Founders Imperial Stout is a big beer. Really Big.  To further use the words of…

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