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An enthusiastic hand for Left Hand Brewing

I live in an apartment within the city limits of Denver. Fresh hops are about as close to my mind as horseback riding in the nude when I’m putting together a brew recipe. In fact, I’ve never had the opportunity to even get my hands on fresh-grown hops until a friend of mine asked if I wanted some freshies. Um, yes? What started as a quick pick up, turned into a fun little afternoon at Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. I got to…

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Breckenridge IPA Three Ways

IPAs are so yesterday, right? IPAs are boring, right? IPAs are the opposite of innovation, right? Think again. Single hop. Dry hop. Wet hop. SMaSH. First wort. Mosaic. Amarillo. Citra. English. American. It seems that IPAs are evolving as quickly as the industry that made it famous. Where hops used to be the star of the IPA show, hops often play a secondary or tertiary part alongside an incredible complex set of flavors and aromas in today’s IPAs.  Meanwhile, farmers continue to breed new variants…

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