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St. Louis Brewing and Schlafly Beer — A Gateway to Great Beer

St. Louis Brewing, located in St. Louis, Missouri In the 19th century, St Louis served as the gateway to the West. If St. Louis Brewery, makers of Schlafly Beer, had been around then, gold would have remained in the hills, and no trail to Oregon would have been forged because no one would have left St. Louis. Today, St. Louis Brewery is Missouri’s largest locally owned independent brewery. They proclaim, “When we opened in 1991, we had no business plan beyond wanting to make great…

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Rogue Cold Brew IPA – Coffee and Hops

Rogue’s Cold Brew IPA provides enough coffee to wake up any dead guy while simultaneously offering plenty of old-fashioned west coast hops to please any hop head. The Rogue Cold Brew IPA includes just enough coffee taste to remind one of a good porter or stout, but this medium-bodied brew is remarkably “easy drinking.” Interestingly, this writer continues to find himself drinking coffee-flavored beer, despite possessing a serious disdain for the morning brew. Somehow, brewers continue to demonstrate their skill and artistry by deftly incorporating…

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