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Bastone Brewery Review

Bastone Brewery located in Royal Oak, Michigan Thursday morning I went outside to find that all four of the wheels on my vehicle had been stolen. I live in Plymouth Michigan so this was not an expected site. The thing is, I had to get to Royal Oak to meet Easy E., my only buddy silly enough to split the $200.00 Westie six pack with me, at Bastone for a business meeting. I had to act quickly calling the police, the insurance company, and the…

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Heady Topper Review: We Can’t get a Topper, but They Don’t have any Shorts (or Bells or Dark Horse or…you get the idea)

Featured Contributor:  Don Manfredi  @profmanfredi The summer of whales has continued and I was able to score a can of Heady Topper from The Alchemist in Vermont. Before I rave on and on about how incredible this beer was I want to marvel at what the Alchemist is. This is a true home town specialty that, according to their website brews 180 barrels a week and focuses on Heady Topper as their main beer. They don’t serve at their brewery and they don’t really distribute outside…

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Buddy Beer !

Buddy Beer: Cheap beer that you hand out to your buddies (or in-laws). The guys show up in your garage and stay awhile.  It’s your obligation to start handing out beers.  Do you give them $5 Belgian Lambics?  How about a cherished KBS, a stout so smooth it will make a grown man wait in line to get one (grown men don’t wait in lines).  The answer is no.  You give them something as cheap and available as water, you give them Buddy Beers.  Please…

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