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Brewery Travels #12: Suburban Milwaukee

In previous articles, we explored everything Milwaukee has to offer when it comes to craft breweries. However, venturing outside the city into the suburbs will show this area has much more to offer. In this article, I will choose my four favorites from the surrounding outskirts. Two are located to the south, while the other pair is located west of the city. One common theme among these breweries: great food to go along with the beer. Explorium Brewpub: Greendale St. Francis Brewing Company: St. Francis…

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Brewery Travels #11: #Chicago Area

As the third largest city in the country, it is no surprise that there are plenty of options in Chicago when it comes time to drink local. And when you throw in the rest of ‘Chicagoland’, you have a massive area that has seen an explosive of craft brewery growth in the last decade. I have not had time to fully dive into what the area offers. However, thankfully I’ve dabbled at least a little. From the two breweries I would call the most centrally…

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Brewery Travels #9: Madison, WI (Part 2)

Last article, we looked at four breweries in the Madison area, although only one actually was inside the capital city’s limits. That changes this time around, as all four call Madtown home. As it worked out, they also all are set up on the Northwest side, falling within 3 miles of each other. The four featured today are also fairly new, with the oldest being founded in 2006, with the others being 5 years old or younger. With that said, these are some unique spots…

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Brandi To the Main Stage by Odd Side Ales – Beer Review

I love a good beer release. They bring out the diehard craft beer fans and add a level of excitement when you don’t know if the brewery will run out. I was lucky enough to have the time to drive the 200 miles to the Odd Side Ales for the Morning Wood and Brandi to the Main Stage bottle release party. To be honest, I drove all that way for the Morning Wood *insert inappropriate joke* and ended up picking up a bottle of Brandi…

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Brewery Travels #8: Madison, WI (Part 1)

Situated between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison has a diverse craft beer scene. I always enjoy visiting Madison, whether it be to attend a Badgers athletic event on campus, or to take advantage of the numerous outdoor opportunities. In terms of breweries, there are both established, well-known names, as well as some new players. This will be the first of two articles detailing a total of eight breweries in the Madison area. We will start with those located on the…

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The importance of brewery branding

The Importance of Brewery Branding

The business plan is mapped out, the building is leased, and the bar supplies are all set to stock your brewery …but something is missing. The beer has no identity, no defining feature. The brewery doesn’t have a brand! There are so many benefits to establishing a strong brand for a brewery. Having a label and vibe that’s easily recognizable encourages customer loyalty and creates a sense of local pride. Taking the time to develop a unique brand can also reflect the care that’s put…

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Brewery Travels #7: SE Wisconsin (Kenosha/Racine)

The eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan is dominated by Chicago, and to a lesser extent, Milwaukee. However, in between the two urban areas lie Racine and Kenosha, two mid-sized cities nestled along the lake in Southeast Wisconsin. Craft breweries are still a fairly new offering in this area, as the oldest brewery in this article is just about to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. But although they are fresh to the scene, I was blessed to sample some incredibly unique and delicious beers. Three of the…

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Are you simply committed to good beer, or are you Resolute?

Resolute Brewing Company Review, Centennial Colorado Resolute res·o·lute adjective: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The number of Denver breweries continue to climb despite claims that the market is over-served and a craft beer bubble is growing. One of the newer breweries (at the time of this writing, at least) is making waves and getting tons of recognition. This brewery is Resolute Brewing Company. I first visited their tap room for a podcast back in September of 2016, several months after they opened. I took some…

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Brewery Travels #5: Twin Cities

We’ve spent some quality time in Milwaukee, but before continuing in Wisconsin, let’s take a journey across the Mississippi. My parents recently moved to a suburb outside the Twin Cities, and therefore I will have a plethora of opportunities in the future to visit the expanding craft beer scene there. In this article, I will review four of the breweries I visited; 1 in Minneapolis, and 3 in St. Paul. Let’s get to it! Surly Brewing: Minneapolis, MN Lake Monster Brewing: St. Paul, MN Burning…

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Black Shirt Brewing – Searching for Rebels? Look for the people in Black Shirts

Black Shirt Brewing, Denver Colorado Black Shirt Brewing operates under the mantra of rebellion. Black shirts are both in their namesake and part of their standard apparel. A huge portrait of Johnny Cash flashes his middle finger to the entire tap room and every single one of their beers is a red ale in some shape or form. Yes, even the dark ones have a certain degree of malts that you would find in a red ale. How many red ales could one brewery possibly…

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