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Brewery Travels #7: SE Wisconsin (Kenosha/Racine)

The eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan is dominated by Chicago, and to a lesser extent, Milwaukee. However, in between the two urban areas lie Racine and Kenosha, two mid-sized cities nestled along the lake in Southeast Wisconsin. Craft breweries are still a fairly new offering in this area, as the oldest brewery in this article is just about to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. But although they are fresh to the scene, I was blessed to sample some incredibly unique and delicious beers. Three of the…

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Are you simply committed to good beer, or are you Resolute?

Resolute Brewing Company Review, Centennial Colorado Resolute res·o·lute adjective: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The number of Denver breweries continue to climb despite claims that the market is over-served and a craft beer bubble is growing. One of the newer breweries (at the time of this writing, at least) is making waves and getting tons of recognition. This brewery is Resolute Brewing Company. I first visited their tap room for a podcast back in September of 2016, several months after they opened. I took some…

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Brewery Travels #6: Green Bay Area

Nestled along the Fox River where it meets the body of water with the same name, Green Bay is known for football, beer, and brats. Unfortunately, most folks think of Miller Lite when it comes to the beer, but thankfully there are several craft breweries fighting this image. As I mentioned in the last article, I bleed Packer green and gold, so Green Bay is more than just another stop on my travels. I have been blessed to attend several games at Lambeau Field, and…

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Brewery Travels #5: Twin Cities

We’ve spent some quality time in Milwaukee, but before continuing in Wisconsin, let’s take a journey across the Mississippi. My parents recently moved to a suburb outside the Twin Cities, and therefore I will have a plethora of opportunities in the future to visit the expanding craft beer scene there. In this article, I will review four of the breweries I visited; 1 in Minneapolis, and 3 in St. Paul. Let’s get to it! Surly Brewing: Minneapolis, MN Lake Monster Brewing: St. Paul, MN Burning…

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Jdub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota Florida – Brewery Review

Jdub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota Florida Brewery Review by John Uhlig QUALITY. INNOVATION. CULTURE. That is the slogan that greets you for this Sarasota based Brewery. If you live in the Tampa Area, or are just visiting and like craft Beer, this is another brewery you should put on your list. When searching for craft beer I often look to local craft as I like to support the community. One of the Breweries that is most prevalent on grocery store shelves, where I live, is JDub’s.…

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Brewery Travels #1: Milwaukee (Northside)

Brewery Travels: Milwaukee (Northside) by Joel Geier Hi all, welcome to my first article! My name is Joel, and I will be taking you along my journey to visit as many craft breweries as can (currently 45 across 20 cities in 5 states). As of now, I have just been going to breweries around the areas I’ve lived (Oregon and Wisconsin), but starting this fall my wife is becoming a travel nurse, so we will go bouncing around the country, allowing me to taste what…

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Black Shirt Brewing – Searching for Rebels? Look for the people in Black Shirts

Black Shirt Brewing, Denver Colorado Black Shirt Brewing operates under the mantra of rebellion. Black shirts are both in their namesake and part of their standard apparel. A huge portrait of Johnny Cash flashes his middle finger to the entire tap room and every single one of their beers is a red ale in some shape or form. Yes, even the dark ones have a certain degree of malts that you would find in a red ale. How many red ales could one brewery possibly…

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Mikerphone Brewing Review

Mikerphone Brewing Review, Elkgrove Village, IL By Steve Thanos      One of the most anticipated brewery openings took place this past Saturday, March 18, 2017. The following for Mikerphone Brewing has certainly entered cult status, and rightfully so. Some noticeable offerings include: Imperial Smell Like Bean Spirt, a 10% Imperial Stout with maple syrup and coffee and Special Sauce, an 8.5% New England style Double IPA which is brewed at various times with a single hop that is showcased. Mike Pallen, co-owner and head brewer,…

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Draught Horse Brewery – A Lesson in how to build a successful brewery

Draught Horse Brewery – DHB, New Hudson, MI Let’s be honest, our beloved craft beer industry has matured since it exploded just a decade or so ago.  As with all maturing markets, participants need to continuously adapt and “up their game” to survive.  It’s a demanding market as the novelty of craft beer is gone and breweries have to focus on more than just good beer. That’s why I was so excited to review one of my local breweries because they “get it”.  Draught Horse Brewing (DHB)…

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Setting off a Chain Reaction of beer, friends and family

Chain Reaction Brewing Company, Denver Colorado Chain Reaction Brewing Company is located slightly south of downtown Denver riding along the edge of a residential neighborhood and a slew of small businesses. Normally it might be a “blink and you’ll miss it” unassuming building in an area like this, but once you spot the parking lot, usually complete with a Denver food truck parked in front near their newly added patio, it’s a welcome beacon of craft beer light. Upon walking into the building, you’re greeted by…

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