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Harland Brewing Company

Craft Beer Drinker, Padres, USC Trojans, Navy Midshipmen, & SDSU Aztecs Fan. I enjoy watching movies & sports, mostly at home. I typically do that with a beer in my hand.
Regis Schmerheim

Harland Brewing Company in San Diego, California Harland Brewing’s Story The beginning for Harland Brewing Company began in 2013, when then owner Josh Landen opened Saint Archer Brewing and two short years later, became the first San Diego Craft Brewery to sell to a major beer conglomerate, Miller Coors. Miller Coors included in the sale a “Two Year No Competition Clause” for Mr. Landen, but as time passed he grew to miss brewing beer. So once the two years were up, he cobbled together 47…

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Recipe Design for Brewers…Simplified (Part 4: Water)

This series by Tom Ayres, explores recipe design. Brewing creativity and the factors that makes each beer style worthy of celebration. All segments in this series can be read here. Now that we have a structure, spice and a catalyst for our beer, we need to finish developing our recipe. In this episode we’ll explore designing water profiles for your beer. A quick review of our design plan… As we discussed previously, we’re going to tackle beer recipe design in parts. You can embrace the…

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Bombs Away Brewing, Albuquerque NM

Writer & drinks nerd. Blogs about beer, homebrewing & travel. Words in @ReadOctober and @FermentHQ. Novel in progress, sponsored by G&Ts.
Hollie Stephens
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A review of Bombs Away Brewing, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A veteran owned brewery located next to a military base has to be something special. “Bombs Away Beer Company is a Veteran owned and operated Brewery & Taproom in Albuquerque’s Skyline Heights Neighborhood” You’d be hard pressed to find a denser huddle of engineers drinking beer anywhere in the country than at Bombs Away Brewing on a late Friday afternoon. This veteran-owned brewery is aptly located next to an Air Force base, on the…

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Recipe Design for Brewers…Simplified

This series by Tom Ayres, explores recipe design. Brewing creativity and the factors that makes each beer style worthy of celebration. All segments in this series can be read here. When it comes to designing your own beer recipes, there’s a lot of great information out there. From books on the subject to website articles, there’s a lot of great detailed information and approaches to designing beer recipes from scratch. That said, it’s pretty complicated stuff. After reviewing some of my favorite sources on this…

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How Adnams went from traditional family brewer to craft collaborator

Traditional Adnams Brewing (Southwold, England) collaborates with new breweries from America. When I started drinking Adnams beers in the mid 1980’s, the brewery was already over 100 years old. It was one of three regional breweries in the county of Suffolk in East Anglia, England, and it had a proud local reputation. In fact it had won national and even international awards in the 1950’s. At that time it was very much a traditional brewery. Much has changed since then, with Adnams recently having collaborated…

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“Being a Female Craft Brewer is Not Unusual Here”

Tom Ayres, interviews one of the brewers from Deviant Wolfe Brewing in Sanford, Florida. Together they explore the role that women have in shaping the ever growing world of craft beer. I was visiting family in Sanford, Florida recently. Being a craft beer nut, I had to sample some of the local craft beer. During my visit to Deviant Wolfe Brewing, I met brewer, Heather Opheim. During our chat, I learned there were a lot of brewers and owners in the area that were women.…

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Tap Rebels : A Craft Beer Love Story

The Conception Of Tap Rebels: A Craft Beer Love Story When my husband and I started dating, we brewed a beer together. It was a Belgian Wit that we called Wheatley, after a character in one of our favorite video games. It was my first time brewing and his third, but frankly it was the first good beer he’d been a part of making. And it was fun. We brewed at a hop shop with a big beautiful brew on premise large barrels of grains…

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