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Recipe Design for Brewers…Simplified (Part 2: Hops)

This series by Tom Ayres, explores recipe design. Brewing creativity and the factors that makes each beer style worthy of celebration. All segments in this series can be read here. Now that we have a structure for our beer, we need to develop our recipe further to include the equally important ingredients of hops, yeast and water. In this article we’ll explore designing hop additions. A quick review of our design plan… As we discussed last time, we’re going to tackle beer recipe design in…

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So I bought a Fridge

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How I converted a mini-fridge into an affordable Beer fridge for brews on-tap at my home bar. The whole thing started because I wanted to enjoy homebrew on tap in my garage. I was getting tired of that medium range class of beer I call “garage brew”. What could be better than a pint of home brew with the boys in the garage? So I dusted off my old home brew equipment, but it had been years since I used it. Most of the equipment…

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