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#BrewNews – Wild Variances in Global Beer Pricing

From the Business Insider: Deutsche Bank analysts collected data on the prices of various services for a recent report to clients. Among them, they included how much it costs to get a beer (500 mL or 1 pint) in a neighborhood pub in an expat area of a given city in 2017. Beers are the cheapest in Prague ($1.30), Johannesburg ($1.70), and Lisbon, Portugal ($2.00). On the flip side, they are the most expensive in Oslo, Norway ($9.90), Singapore ($9.00), and Hong Kong ($7.70). Read…

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Brew News – Beer Thieves steal 100 year old beer

These guys should be glad they didn’t steal my beer. Not cool. From the Tacoma, WA News Tribune;  “The owner of a popular Tacoma brewery is hoping that whoever stole six 100-year-old bottles of beer from his truck late Sunday doesn’t try to take a swig. If they do? “It’ll taste like vinegar or putrid water,” said Steve Navarro, co-owner of Pacific Brewing and Malting in downtown Tacoma at 610 Pacific Ave. Unlike scotch or wine, most beers don’t age very well.” Read more here:…

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Beer News – What The Election Results Mean For Beer

What The Election Results Mean For Beer By Matt Sandy  |  November 11, 2016  | Paste Magazine National: Beer makes America great Though the presidential race certainly led to much anxiety-induced tippling, there were a few notable election results related to craft beer. In Oklahoma, SQ 792 will relax ABV caps at convenience and grocery stores, allowing them to sell beer above 3.2% while also allowing wine and liquor stores to have up to two locations and sell non-alcoholic items. Up in Maine, Heather Sanborn,…

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