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The Power of Branding

My name is Stephen and I am relatively new to the craft scene, however I am intent on trying as many new beers as I can whilst visiting as many pubs, bars, breweries and festivals along the way. You can follow my travels over on my Twitter page (@points_of_brew) or on my Instagram account (@stecarter91). My favourite styles of beer are a murky IPA or a sweet West Coast IPA but I am open to trying new beers that push boundaries and continue to innovate.

Beyond my beer drinking and beer travels I am a keen sports fan and play football, cricket and rugby regularly and more recently I have taken up archery. Video games and reading also play an important role in my life, often having a beer whilst gaming or reading!
Stephen Carter
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The Power of Branding in the craft beer industry by Stephen Carter The saying goes to never judge a book by its cover. For the most part, I think most of us live our lives by this mantra, myself in particular; I always like to know more before I commit to something rather than taking everything at face value. It’s funny then that this is a rule which, generally speaking, I don’t seem to follow when it comes to my beer buying/drinking habit. What do…

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Ripples – Put your Logo on every Pint

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"We don't take serious beer too seriously"
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Don’t miss your chance to market your brand on top of every Pint –> Checkout the Sommbeer Logo on a Pint of beer here   Rockville, MD, March 16, 2018 –Ripples TM, the innovative marketing platform for powerful and dynamic customer engagement, has unveiled its newest creation, Beer Ripples, which puts personalized content onto pints in seconds. Designed to help bars, restaurants, clubs, hospitality owners and brands increase their engagement with their customers, Beer Ripples turns any foam-topped beer into a joyful and Instagramable moment…

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The importance of brewery branding

The Importance of Brewery Branding

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The business plan is mapped out, the building is leased, and the bar supplies are all set to stock your brewery …but something is missing. The beer has no identity, no defining feature. The brewery doesn’t have a brand! There are so many benefits to establishing a strong brand for a brewery. Having a label and vibe that’s easily recognizable encourages customer loyalty and creates a sense of local pride. Taking the time to develop a unique brand can also reflect the care that’s put…

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