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Brewery Travels #21: Boston Area

As I said at the end of my last article, the Boston beer scene has exploded in recent years. While many associate the city with one of the biggest names in the craft industry, gone are the days when the Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) was the only major player. The growth is especially evident as you move into the suburbs. Whether you head north to Cambridge, Somerville, and Everett, or drive south to Canton and Norwood, options abound. But make sure to take time…

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Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Boston

  Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Boston   No matter what the festival is, you’ll always hear someone complaining. Some make a good point, others come off as whining babies. I spent the weekend at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration and here’s the break-down on the fest.                                                                                                                   The good…. I want to point out that this was the first time for this festival. That said, all in all it was a good time. City Hall Plaza Boston is damn near the perfect location, having a T stop…

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