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Don’t Open a Brewery

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Exclusive interview with Kelly Meyer founder of New Braunfels Brewing Company and author of “How NOT to start a F@ck!ng Brewery: Ten Lessons From The Front Lines of The Craft Beer Industry“ The Emotion Behind the Book David: Why would a brewery owner write a book telling other people not to open a brewery? Kelly: The short answer to that question is, I assume you can sense the anger that was in the book. A lot of what my motivation stemmed from was the idea…

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Is Bigger Always Better?

My name is Stephen and I am relatively new to the craft scene, however I am intent on trying as many new beers as I can whilst visiting as many pubs, bars, breweries and festivals along the way. You can follow my travels over on my Twitter page (@points_of_brew) or on my Instagram account (@stecarter91). My favourite styles of beer are a murky IPA or a sweet West Coast IPA but I am open to trying new beers that push boundaries and continue to innovate.

Beyond my beer drinking and beer travels I am a keen sports fan and play football, cricket and rugby regularly and more recently I have taken up archery. Video games and reading also play an important role in my life, often having a beer whilst gaming or reading!
Stephen Carter
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Stephen Carter explores the business desire for brewery expansion and it’s potential affect on quality and market desirability. Your mind probably doesn’t automatically wander to beer when you see the question above does it? There’s no shame in admitting it, because mine doesn’t, as it wanders into the realms of innuendo. Before this descends into chaos however, I can assure you this article is about beer. Trust me. After having a good chin wag with Johnny at my local bottle shop (shout out to Raynville…

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