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2017 Oberon by Bell’s Brewery – Beer Review

Checkout the Sommbeer review of Oberon from 2015 has it changed?   Stats: ABV: 5.80 % OG: 1.06 Availability: Seasonal (March-August) You may have thought that spring in Michigan started on March 20th, but you are wrong. The real start to spring in Michigan is March 27 – Oberon Day! What is Oberon day you may ask? It’s the first day Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo unleashes its seasonal American wheat ale upon stores, bars and the masses across the state of Michigan and in more…

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Hopslam 2017 : Beer Review

A review of Hopslam from Bells Brewery I don’t chase down Hopslam, it comes to me. Here in Michigan the annual release of Hopslam is a crazy time where thousands scramble to find this hoppy elixir in select grocery and beer stores.  At times, the pursuit of Hopslam hits a level of hysteria that I am not comfortable with.  No matter, there’s enough attention on the subject that my beer mules always seem to track down a six pack for me. The year, 2017, Hopslam is…

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Oatsmobile Review

At Sommbeer we’re big on community, especially within the realm of craft beer.  For us, being a site that is based out of the great state of Michigan, we’re pretty blessed by a bevy of fantastic beer that hits our store shelves year round.  Every state has their local breweries that have earned the respect and trust of the community that they reside in, Michigan has a few breweries like that.  At the top of that list is Bell’s, not only do they consistently crank…

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