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Mosey on into Saloon Cuts, the bar your barber doesn’t want you to know about

Saloon Cuts, perfect place for a haircut while enjoying a beer, located in Broomfield, Colorado.  A review by Samuel Sly. “How is this not already a thing?” I said to myself walking into Saloon Cuts. No, that wasn’t a typo on Salon; Saloon Cuts is a new barber shop and bar that is focused on beer in Colorado. Here you can get a great cut, shave and brew and walk away feeling literally like a million bucks. Sounds good, right? Well the word around town…

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The importance of brewery branding

The Importance of Brewery Branding

The business plan is mapped out, the building is leased, and the bar supplies are all set to stock your brewery …but something is missing. The beer has no identity, no defining feature. The brewery doesn’t have a brand! There are so many benefits to establishing a strong brand for a brewery. Having a label and vibe that’s easily recognizable encourages customer loyalty and creates a sense of local pride. Taking the time to develop a unique brand can also reflect the care that’s put…

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Are you simply committed to good beer, or are you Resolute?

Resolute Brewing Company Review, Centennial Colorado Resolute res·o·lute adjective: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The number of Denver breweries continue to climb despite claims that the market is over-served and a craft beer bubble is growing. One of the newer breweries (at the time of this writing, at least) is making waves and getting tons of recognition. This brewery is Resolute Brewing Company. I first visited their tap room for a podcast back in September of 2016, several months after they opened. I took some…

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Black Shirt Brewing – Searching for Rebels? Look for the people in Black Shirts

Black Shirt Brewing, Denver Colorado Black Shirt Brewing operates under the mantra of rebellion. Black shirts are both in their namesake and part of their standard apparel. A huge portrait of Johnny Cash flashes his middle finger to the entire tap room and every single one of their beers is a red ale in some shape or form. Yes, even the dark ones have a certain degree of malts that you would find in a red ale. How many red ales could one brewery possibly…

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Setting off a Chain Reaction of beer, friends and family

Chain Reaction Brewing Company, Denver Colorado Chain Reaction Brewing Company is located slightly south of downtown Denver riding along the edge of a residential neighborhood and a slew of small businesses. Normally it might be a “blink and you’ll miss it” unassuming building in an area like this, but once you spot the parking lot, usually complete with a Denver food truck parked in front near their newly added patio, it’s a welcome beacon of craft beer light. Upon walking into the building, you’re greeted by…

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Occupy your Jazz Hands with a Beer at Spangalang Brewery

Spangalang Brewery, Denver Colorado Are you a beer hep cat looking for an out of this world place to enjoy some beers and kick back in a fly environment? I’m booted, daddy-o and know just the place for you to get down. It’s Spanaglang, baby. One of the hottest joints in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. By now, you’re probably aware of all the breweries in Denver, but I’d be a goof not to mention this solid venue for some of Denver’s finest beer.…

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What is beer?

There’s an old story about a man who walked through the center of a village with a dual-colored hat on.  The left side of his hat was red, the right blue.  It’s not long after the man had walked through the village that the townsfolk find themselves in a dispute.  What color was the hat? One of them asks.  “It was red” argue those on the left “It’s blue” argue those on the right. Both are right both are wrong – we simply see things…

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Craft Beer’s Transition to the Mainstream

Craft beer once existed as an alternative beer; it lived on the fringe and resided in the land of niche. There was beer, and then there was craft beer. However, there are signs within the realm of popular culture that demonstrate craft beer has slowly transitioned from different to orthodox. Dedicated beer drinkers, of course, know the difference between macro and craft, and take the matter seriously. But, within mainstream culture — those who don’t partake daily in Untappd postings or stand in line for…

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Beer: It just keeps giving

Beer: It just keeps giving   Winter has finally grasped the Midwest in its evil, cold clutches and my brother-in-law and I note that, without beer, that grasp would only be more depressing. That got me to thinking….beer is a “giver”……..it gives us so much over the course of our lives! If you are mature enough to have graduated to craft beer enthusiasm, I hope to you have you nodding in agreement by the end of this article.   Let’s have a look. For legal…

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2 Beers 2 Pops – Kids are drinking in Germany

From David- the founder of Sommbeer: It had been a long day and it was only 2 pm.  I had walked every one of the 6 stories at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart Germany. Now I was exhausted and needed to find a place to eat. (Almost) nothing is open on Sunday in Germany. I had no car so I walked and walked trying to find anything that had food.  My smartphone alerted me to something called a sports bar nearby.  I had already walked…

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