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Humble Harvester from Rock Art Brewery Beer Review

Featured Contributor @BeerBallyhoo There are rare occasions when I drink a certain type of beer (or wine, for that matter), that I find myself transported. The aromas and flavors act as a time machine that sends me, in my mind’s eye, to a place that I in some way cherish. Think of those York Peppermint Patty commercials, and you’ll kind of get what I mean. The first time I tasted the Humble Harvester IPA from Rock Art Brewery, I imagined myself sitting in a newly-mown hay field…

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Switchback Brewing Co. Märzen Review

Featured Contributor @BeerBallyhoo These days there are plenty of perfectly respectable breweries who will slap an “Oktoberfest” label on pretty much any old bottle of amber ale; unfortunately, they are missing the point entirely. A true Märzen is a lager, traditionally brewed sometime in (you guessed it) March, then enjoyed, once it’s been properly aged and settled, in (you guessed it again) October. The brand-spankin-new Märzen from Switchback Brewing Co. is not one of those falsified ales. It’s a true lager: slowly fermented in multiple stages,…

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