Why I stopped Going to the Bar

My first job out of college was brutal. I was a corporate trainer and had to support 16 plant locations all over the USA. My home was the airport, hotel and bar. My bar time, wasn’t all about drinking my home sickness away.  Nope, I gravitated to the bar or “bar area” in restaurants when travelling because of a little secret I learned from extensive travel. You get the best service when you sit at the bar. Sure it meant eating a steak with it resting on the counter shared with sloppy pints of someone else’s beer but I didn’t care. The service was great.

I was travelling and working during the week so my “camping at the bar for dinner” routine provided me with a laidback atmosphere.  When I found a new job and went to the bars during the weekend I found a drinking circus. The places were full of patrons narrowly focused on getting drunk.  I stopped going and thankfully found a substitute by going to breweries. What a difference!

Barfly The Movie, 1987

The brewery scene just has a different culture. Sure there are folks that like to get a buzz but they also get buzzed talking about the latest beer. The brewery is laidback and I like it.  Anyway, throughout the years I’ve noted some important differences between the bar and brewery. Some seem minor but collectively these add up to an overall better, more relaxed experience. I don’t go to the bar anymore, not because the bar has changed but because something better sprung up to replace it.










Top 10 Advantages of a Brewery over a Bar
1. Patrons reflect on what they drink
2. Patrons give each other eye contact.
3. “Bar Fights” are taboo
4. The bathrooms are less frightening
5. The beer is fresher
6. No barflys
7. Beer flights (nobody wants a flight comprised of Bud, Miller and Coors)
8. Less apt to get a glass with lipstick already on it
9. Feels more like home and less like a bowling alley
10. You can meet the guy or girl that made your beer

If you have experiences to the contrary I’d love to hear your feedback. Frankly the only thing I miss about the bar are those deep fryers. I could eat anything out of those fryers, and often did.


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