Stone Delicious IPA Review

Senior Editor – John Fahrner @fahrn13

I think everyone has a few breweries that just seem to match up with a personal style of beer that each consumer likes.  Stone Brewing certainly seems to be one of those that hits that mark for me and one of their more recently released IPA’S is yet another wonderful reminder of why I keep buying their beers.  When I think of Stone Brewing I think of big beers with big flavors and Delicious IPA has lived up to that expectation.  Companies like Stone seem to be releasing a new IPA on a pretty regular basis, it almost always seems like they have a new limited release bottle waiting for me at the liquor store, luckily these beers always stay unique and distinct from each other ensuring that my money is being spent wisely.

Delicious IPA will bomb the room you open it in with fresh floral aromas and immediately chase that will with a delightful hoppy citrus scent.  This beer is actually a joy to open because that freshness jammed in a little 12oz bottle continues to consume you as you take in the sight of a beautiful golden IPA filling your glass with a hazy dose of liquid euphoria.  A beautiful prominent white head tops off the glass setting off a beer that had me excited before it even passed my lips.  This beer was brewed to pack big flavors into your glass, and the invasion of citrusy hop flavor pops instantly assaulting your palate. The flavors are packed with lemon, apple, grapefruit, and notes of pine that are chased with prominent hop flavor that’s bitter enough to balance everything out and give a pleasant tart presence in the beer.  Delicious IPA hammers home a 7.7% ABV, right in the range of most flagship style ipa’s showing that this brew can hold its own with the competition.  Hopefully Stone keeps this beer around because it would definitely be an excellent addition to their flagship line-up and a wonderful alternative for nights when you want something different than whatever your “go to” IPA is.

There really isn’t anything to negative I can say about this beer. Is it perfect? No but is any beer perfect? If you consider yourself a Hophead or just a fan of IPA style brews Delicious IPA is definitely a beer worth checking out.  Naming your beer “delicious” certainly should set a bar for a brewery to hit and Delicious IPA definitely lives up to its name.

Overall Beer Rating – 4.5/5 stars

John Fahrner
Twitter: @fahrn13

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