Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout: Beer Review

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Southern Tier is a wonderful brewery that is based out of Lakewood New York and is best known for their very highly regarded Pumking and Warlock pumpkin beers that release every year in fall.  Those beers are great, especially if you like the annual pumpkin invasion, but in my opinion Southern Tier really excels at the art of making beautifully rich stouts that manage to separate themselves from some other imperial offerings hitting shelves in the beginning of the year. Creme Brulee stout truly stands out, sure there is no shortage of sweet stouts out there that manage to make due as a impromptu desert, but this beer takes sweet stout to a entirely different level.

It should be noted that Creme Brulee stout is actually an Imperial stout,  this of course lends to the thick body, rich malty finish, and strong ABV that clocks in at 9.6%.  This beer pours as jet black as any beer that I can think of and has a nice thick creamy head.  The aroma on this beer is intense, I opened a bottle and the smell of vanilla, coffee, and malt engulfed my entire kitchen and decided to hang out for about an hour.  The first word I thought of when thinking back on this beer, and when drinking it, was rich.  This beer might be the richest beverage that I have ever had in my life, I actually considered chasing it down with a cup of coffee just to level myself out.  The vanilla flavors are so intensely sweet that it if it wasn’t for the very present presence of alcohol Creme Brulee would almost feel like drinking a iced coffee beverage.  Southern Tier’s website says this beer is particularly tasty as a Deseret, that description couldn’t be more dead on.  I couldn’t imagine trying to have a desert food with this , for me it’d simply be to much.  Still I enjoyed this beer, I love the fact that I  can honestly say I have never had another beer that really compares to Creme Brulee stout. Although the characteristics that make this beer spectacular will also be the very thing that will make people strongly disapprove of this beer.  It’s a brew that pushes limits, which is great, I honestly think more brewers should put their craft out there like this.  However, like any brewery willing to take a risk, there will be no shortage of people who simply don’t dig on this brew because of how overbearingly sweet and rich this beer is.  Creme Brulee Stout will start hitting shelves over the next few weeks, if your willing to try something that is as sweet as any desert you’ve ever experienced this might be your new favorite stout.  However if sweets simply aren’t for you this could be a good bottle to pass on.

Overall Beer rating: 3.5/5  stars


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