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Throw a rock in a liquor store or in a good bar on any given night and you’re bound to hit an IPA.  They’re everywhere, and the variety of different IPA styles with varying levels of complexity are becoming more and more common.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we we’re lining up for big burly Imperial double hop bombs that only hit the shelf once a year and were so limited that if you missed that beer you very well might have to wait months before another high quality IPA would even be available to overspend on.  That really isn’t an issue anymore, if you miss this shipment of 120 IPA from Dogfish Head sure you can be a little bummed but any bottle shop worth their salt likely has a litany of double and triple IPA bombers and six packs waiting to go home with you and attack your palate with a decadent and refreshingly floral hoptical assault of the taste buds.  But what about the single IPA? Sure there are plenty of good, and even great single IPA’s out there but how many of those end up being a beer that you end up buying more than once? Single IPA’s are functional and flavorful, beers that are a little more manageable to enjoy after work without getting too vashnigyered!
Green Flash is a San Diego based brewery that makes an entire lineup of fantastic beers.  Luckily for me they have starting to distribute to the area that I reside in much more over the last year.  Thus far every beer that I have opened from Green Flash has been a very different but always enjoyable experience.  Most recently I grabbed a six pack of Soul Style IPA, a brew that Green Flash describes as a “pure manifestation of the single IPA”.  This is a fairly bold statement but you know what, it’s pretty accurate.  Soul Style IPA has a nice pour with a golden, slightly amber, hue and a medium white head that will hang out in your glass for the majority of this beer.  The label tells you that this beer is bright and tropical and the aroma from the beer pops with citrus and tropical fruits.  Soul style has a nice medium body that compliments the aroma and overall experience of the beer.  The flavors are crisp and bitter with just enough sweetness from the citrus and fruits to balance everything out.  Bright and tropical, just as advertised!  A truly refreshing brew that’s easy to drink, doesn’t destroy the palate and leaves you open for another beer or will pair well with many different meals.  


Soul Style is simply a fantastic beer, so good that it really has reminded me of a lot of the reasons why I love beer.  The beer is mellow and relaxing while still being refreshing.  You can throw all your beer snob-isms at this beer and it will totally knock them all right back down.  Proper glassware? Sure that can make a difference with the majority of beers.  But you know what? I enjoyed Soul Style in a tulip, a mason jar and straight from the bottle and continually fell deeper in love with it’s mellow blend of tropical freshness regardless of how it was being served.  Temperature? Yes this made a bit of a difference but one of the bottles I opened had only been in the fridge for about 10 minutes, on a pretty hot day, Soul Style was still flawless.  Green Flash has really completed a masterpiece here, a beer that defies conventional beer fanatic tendencies.  In my opinion it’s above meaningless debates over minute details that are really just trivial.  Stop complaining, take a break from shelling out $20 for a rare barrel aged limited edition seasonal root beer and pick up a 6 pack of Soul Style.  This beer has reminded me what I like most about beer, drinking it and enjoying it.  Prior to picking up my 6-er of Soul Style I had told myself that I was going to take a break from reviewing beers. I felt inspired by this beer and obligated to share my experience with Soul Style.  I truly believe that any craft beer fan, especially IPA fan, should try this beer.  However,  if for some reason you are not a fan of Soul Style, please email the Sommbeer team as I guarantee you can send it this way and we will give your purchase a good home.

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