Sommbeer’s Top Thanksgiving Beers!

Thanksgiving is great! It’s a holiday that is filled with family, food, football and in many cases beer! So what kind of beer should you be drinking for Thanksgiving? There’s really not a wrong answer here but some beers certainly pair with the day better than others. These are Sommbeer’s favorite Thanksgiving beers!

Bell’s Best Brown –

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This beer is, in our opinion, the essential fall beer.  Best Brown is malty and flavorful while still being light enough to enjoy from the start of the day right up to the end of the night.   It pairs well with everything that comes out in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and is available anywhere you can get Bell’s beer, which is almost everywhere.


Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale –

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Another classic, Celebration Ale is the first beer I think of when I think about “Christmas Beer”.  For a lot of people Thanksgiving is really just Christmas light.  It’s a Holiday that kicks off the real holiday season as we dive head first into Santa, shopping, and all the other stuff that comes along with Christmas.  Unlike other Christmas beers this IPA is not loaded with spices and all that, it’s just a really solid easy to drink fresh IPA that holds its own with any other IPA available in your local bottle shop.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

It’s the #FirstDayofFall … of course we’re drinking a #PunkinAle! 🍂🍁🎃🍺

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Thanksgiving really should mark the end of the pumpkin craze for the year. If you desire one last romp in the pumpkin patch before we officially say goodbye to fall for the season you can’t go wrong with this classic.

Yuengling Traditional Lager-

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Yep, ol’ Faithful.  This lager is just a good, solid, easy to drink and affordable beer.  These are all great qualities to have if you’re hosting a large amount of people.  Want to drink a solid beer without cashing out on the bill for a case of Zombie Dust? Yuenling Traditional Lager is the answer.

Stone Americano Stout

After you finish up a giant meal I think you need a stout with some bitterness to it to go alongside your desert. Coffee is one of the best desert beverages on the planet so if you want to stick with beer a coffee stout is a great selection to go with desert.  Stone’s Americano Stout is a fantastic choice to wrap up your Thanksgiving meal.  Like the majority of Stone beers Americano Stout is loaded with bold flavors that are rich and make sure you are very aware of the fact that you are drinking a beer with coffee in it.


What are your favorite beers for Thanksgiving? Let us know  in the comments!



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