Sommbeer’s 10 Favorite Breweries on Instagram!

People love pictures, and one of the things that people love to take pictures of is beer.  Once you take those pictures what do you do?  Why you share those pictures on social media of course.  A while back Mathew Powers took a look at the phenomenon of beer porn focusing primarily on the craft beer drinkers and their love of fantastic beer photos.  But what about breweries?  There is no debate that  Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks on the planet so of course that can be used by brewers all over the world as a means to showcase their fermented treasures.  If you like beer porn a brewery Instagram account can be one of the most enjoyable to follow, here (in no order) are 10 of Sommbeer’s favorite Instagram accounts!

Arcade Brewery – One of my favorite brewer accounts on social media for some time now.  The brewery is located in Chicago Illinois and as a child from the 80’s and 90’s that grew up loving the Nintendo and Super Nintendo I’m a big fan of their art style.

Brew Dog – International craft beer television superstars and punk rock brewers that not only stick to their craft roots but clearly know their way around a camera.  Due to the time zone differences this Instagram account, more often than not, inspires me to want a breakfast beer.

We’re often asked if the tracks are still active and as you can see we still get some local freight traffic! All aboard! 🚂😎

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The Filling Station – I’ve only been to The Filling Station in Traverse City Michigan one time; but that one visit was so great that The Filling Station is still a place that I daydream about grabbing a pint when I probably should be working. Nothing wrong with pictures of an absolutely beautiful taproom, delicious pizzas and of course fantastic brew.

Green Flash Brewing Co. – The beers brewed at Green Flash is among some of the most consistently good beer in the county.  Similarly their Instagram feed consistently posts beautiful pics of their beer and mouth-watering images of food offerings to pair with their brew.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co.– Griffin Claw does a good job of using their Instagram account to promote everything from new dishes on their menu to simply showing off the beauty of their taproom and patio.  I don’t need additional convincing to make a trip over to Griffin Claw but I am more than glad to enjoy these pics on a daily basis.

THIS #Merica!

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Surley Brewing Co. – These guys seem to like having fun with their Instagram feed.  Their current efforts in promoting the beer #Merica! has produced some of the most entertaining images in the world of beer.

Stone Brewing Co. – Big strong beers coupled with some beautiful photos that are almost always worthy of being hung up as a decoration in any man cave or home bar.  When you factor in their new location in Berlin there is no question that Stone posts some of the most stunning beer pictures on the internet. 

Brewed with molasses and oak-aged, the deceptively smooth Curmudgeon Old Ale has made its return. #brewedforus

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Founders Brewing Co. – For me Founders is one of the hometown “Big Dogs”.  They have a reputation for making some of the most highly acclaimed beers in the world and the photos of these beers are wonderful as well.  Plus I love when they take the camera into their caves for a peek at the treasures they have aging in their bourbon barrels.

Prairie Artisan Ales – Prairie makes some really unique artisan ales that are truly one of a kind.  To be honest I can’t tell if their visual style is high-end and classic or avant and punk rock.  Either way they put up awesome pictures that are a joy to look at.

Rivers Edge Brewing Co. – Rivers Edge does a really good job of highlighting how awesome their taproom is and the natural beauty of the world around them all while making sure that their beer is in frame and looking beautiful.  At the end of the day I tend to favor small town breweries over the big breweries that distribute to every corner of the country and Rivers Edge is a great example of a fantastic small town brewery.

Did we miss anyone? If there are any Brewery accounts that we need to highlight make sure to mention them in the comments.  Also make sure to hashtag your Instagram beer photos with #sommbeer!




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