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A Tribute to the Sommbeer Team Contributors – We’ve grown so much since that first contributor dared to write for this site (@hopscanary 7/24/14).  In a very short period of time, we’ve grown into a beer community and now boast a full team of contributors.  Let’s keep growing, I’m enjoying the ride. – David


Adam McIntosh      Twitter@The1MacAttack
Adam is a craft beer and mustache aficionado who majored in philosophy to implore the nature of craft beer. He is also an avid Detroit sports fan and Spartan Fan who resides in Almont, Michigan.

Al      Twitter@althebrewer
Craft Beer Guide, Homebrewer, and sometimes I post about Soccer

Andrew Garvin      Twitter@abvbeer   Site:
ABV is a sales and marketing agency specifically focused on the needs of Craft brewers. We specialize in promotions, merchandising & marketing strategy.

Andrew Newton      Twitter@DrinkMeLocal  Site:
Nova Scotia, Canada
Andrew & Jennifer, wine, beer, and spirit writers. Living in the land of Tidal Bay, blogging irregularly at

Beer and Ballyhoo      Twitter@BeerBallyhoo   Site:
Mostly #beer and sometimes #cheese, tweets from the great state of #VT

Beth Pickhard      Twitter@brewcitybiker1   Site:
Biking is part of my daily life as well as a passion that I take with me on adventures. And craft beer has challenged me to learn. I am a homebrewer and BJCP Certified Beer Judge. Thank goodness these two passions cancel each other out calorie wise!

Bill      Twitter@BillsBeerReport   Site:
Blogger and Craft Beer Lover, Ferndale,MI

Bill Mayeroff   Twitter@bill_mayeroff  Site:
AP style freak, dog-lover and trainer-in-training, White Sox fan, drinker of bitter coffee and beer, roller derby enthusiast, proud Chicagoan.

Bill Nilood  Twitter@4forthepour   
Craft Beer Enthusiast. I feel like a page with a crossed out name. Indiana

Blake Konrardy      Twitter@SuppBrewing   Site:
Supplemental Brewing is the official producer of protein beer. Coming to a store near you!

Bryan Alkire      Twitter@balkire19   
Bryan is a Stay at Home Dad and writer who is surrounded by great beer in his home town of Kalamazoo, MI.

Christine Peffer      Twitter   Site:
Ohio transplant living in Michigan

Clint Fletcher      Twitter  @WeisseGuy  Site:
Taking beer/food to a whole new thingy!

Conrad B.      Twitter@inbituinthebrew   Site:
God. Family. America. Craft Beer. Homebrew.

Craft Brew Gal     Twitter@CraftBr3wGal  Site:…
I’m an elevator operator for my day job but other than that friends, family, clean good food, cooking, great beer and traveling take up my time. I’m an arts and crafts addict and make some hand knit beer items I sell on etsy.

Danny Estrada      Twitter@DannyEstrada  Site:
Founder of Estrada Ent Group ; Co-Founder of Trillion, Inc. ; Co-Founder of WEWA Technologies

Doc Lyons      Twitter@directordoc  Site:  I Hate Macros
The random ramblings of Doc Lyons: Beer writer and site moderator of I Hate Macros.

Don Manfredi      Twitter@profmanfredi  Site:
Plymouth, MI
Yooper, Spartan, martial artist, friend to most things fermented.
Comfort is the direct enemy of growth.

Dougie Craig      Twitter@BeerSnobDougie   Site:
Beardless / Tattooless Craft Beer Geek Director of Sales   Sr Contributor  Lead Writer

EdWhoLikesBears      Twitter@TheOnlyFeed  Site:
Likes music, lives in Detroitish.

Elliot     Twitter@hoppylawyers   Site:
Minneapolis, MN
Lawyers for the craft brewery and distillery industries.

Eric Rosentreter      Twitter@ericrosentreter   Site:

Eric Seifert      Twitter@inthebeerandnow   Site:
We are living in and experiencing The Renaissance Period of Beer! The guys here at InTheBeerAndNow™ couldn’t be happier about this Golden Age for craft beer brewers and, more importantly, craft beer imbibers like ourselves! We also know that the only moment we ever have is now. Our mantra is to be in the here and now and to be InTheBeerAndNow™. – the team at ITBAN™ ☮

Evan Wagner     Twitter@EvanSwagner11 
Emlenton, PA
Straight shooter with upper management written all over ’em.

Jake Hendrix      Twitter@hendrixkeg   Site:
Golden, CO
The Hendrix Keg is the best way to get local beer. Use it like a growler, but the difference is the Hendrix will keep your beer fresh by using a C0₂ regulator!

Jamie Tierney     Twitter@jamietie89 
Beer guy at Gerard’s – Collector of fine Jerry beads – I like cats obviously.

JM Hammond      Twitter@JMIheartBeer  Site: 
Dad, husband, Master Mason, home brewer, beer writer, beer enthusiast, all american guy, fan of America!

John Fahrner      Twitter@sommbeerdetroit Site:
Hockey fanatic with a passion for craft beer. Favorite beer styles: IPA, Session IPA, Stout.

Katie Dixon     Twitter@PunkRockPoet84 Site:
Traverse City, MI
Grew up in SW Missouri, just moved to Traverse City to help my cousin take care of her daughter. Because of my dad, I grew up going to microbreweries all over the US because he is a fan of good beer. I am a huge fan of punk music and the Red Wings.

Kirk Schilling    Twitter@schill58 
Illinois, Millstadt
Animal rescue, anti-bullying, changing the world. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain

Lindsey Elmore      Twitter@lindsay_elmore
University of Iowa Alum. Ro-Lin Acres. Farmer. Editor. ~~I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. ~~Kurt Cobain

Lori & Andy   Twitter@PerzellBrewing   Site:  Perzell Brewing
Chattanooga, TN
Home brewing couple that love to brew and follow all things pertaining to craft beers.

Lynn      Twitter@HopsCanary  Site:
Craft beer, baby. Backyard hop grower, novice home brewer. Half marathon runner. Motivational tweeters stay off my lawn. Writes for

Matt Powers      Twitter@SportsChipsnDip Site:
Writer for , Tribune Media Group (), Thrillist-Chicago, and | My kids think I’m cool

Nick     Twitter@QuickSud   Site:
Craft beer unboxings, reviews and news. Follow our team of ambassadors as they review suds in concise, video and text format! 

Nick Campellone   Twitter   Site:
I am Nick Campellone and I LOVE BEER. I am going to be blogging about different beer topics and different beers that I have recently had and enjoyed. I am doing this blog because I love beer and want to become part of the beer industry. I am a bartender that works at a T.G.I. Friday’s. I have recently been trying to get into trying new beers and have found that I love beer and have a real passion for it. I want to get people interested in beer, so I figured what better way then to start a blog about craft beer.

Patti     Twitter@TeacherPatti  Site:
LOVE Ann Arbor! Author of Images of America: Downtown Ann Arbor. Love history, beer, dinner parties, Ken!

Rick F    
Rick is a consultant in training and development at Fenwick Koller Associates and a college professor in Industrial and organizational psychology. He likes following the local professional sports teams.

Rob Nesbit      Twitter@ThisDrinkinLife   Site: 
Alcohol and fun

Rod Jones     Twitter@RodJBeerVenture    Site:
Beer enthusiast, beer resource and somewhat of a beer aficionado at times. Blogger and YouTuber under Rod J BeerVentures

Shana Haynie     Twitter@ArtworksByShana  Site:
San Diego, CA
Co-Founder and Creative Director. Co-author for SplashU blog. Specializing in ,, and management.

Sommbeer (David Barrett)      Twitter@SommBeer   Site: 
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Founder of the Sommbeer  – God, Family, Work, Beer always in that order.

Steve     Twitter@TasteABrew   Site:
Eugene, OR
Your source for the best in beer.

Thirsty Giraffe     Twitter@thirstygiraffe  Site:
Grand Rapids, MI
Long necks for long days.

Tyler Finkbeiner    Twitter@ReviewTheBrew  
Detroit, MI
I have a passion for all beers and writing honest, useful reviews about them. Join me in my quest to try them all.

Vanessa     Twitter@BibleBeerBabies Site:
Living out my vocations as wife and working mama – LCMS Lutheran – Craft beer lover – Bacon enthusiast – Writer Craft beer, beer blog, Sommbeer, beer, wine, reviews.

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